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KSU and Texas Tech have the unique distinction to being the first two teams to ever play against each other in the Big 12 in 1996. K-State won that game just like they won this week’s match up. Texas Tech has always proven to be a scrappy tough match up for the Wildcats. Saturday’s game was no different.

Resilience and intestinal fortitude matters, especially in a college football game. The KSU Wildcats showed their mental and physical toughness on Saturday. They played team football and won by a point. A win is a win, and the Wildcats will take it.

Texas Tech started with a bang, scoring their first touchdown in the first 30 seconds. Six plays later, the Red Raiders scored again. Why? Malik Knowles fumbled a kickoff return giving the Red Raiders only 23 yards to score their next touchdown putting them up 14-0 in the first three minutes of the game. The two teams traded scores until Kansas State finally put together a 14-minute play drive together to pull within seven points of the Red Raiders. The Wildcats offense took ten minutes off the clock. The Red Raiders promptly scored another touchdown 4 minutes later. The Wildcats were down 21-7 and the game was still in the first quarter.

The Wildcat offense was consistently inconsistent while the Wildcat defense stood tall the second half of the game. The Wildcats secured an interception in the first quarter leading to a Wildcat field goal, allowing the Wildcats to pull within 11 points before the half. The defense continued its heroics by securing a securing a safety in the second half after the Wildcats offense went three and out. The rest of the game they forced a fumble and forced the Red Raiders to turn the ball over to the Wildcat offense on two fourth down stands. The Wildcat pass defense showed up and showed out. The defense held the highflying Red Raider offense to only 24 first half points and 148 passing yards. Conversely, the Wildcat offense second half went like this: punt, touchdown, fumble, touchdown. The offense was consistently inconsistent.

Skylar Thompson was hit hard early in the game. He was limped off the field. Yet, he led his offense to victory. He gutted it out. His teammates watched and responded to his leadership. Thompson managed to throw for 296 yards and a touchdown with a bum leg. It was quite a performance under the circumstances.

Felix Anduke-Uzomah made the defensive play of the game for the Wildcats. The Red Raiders were sitting at first and 10 on their own 0four-yard line. Uzomah blasts thru the A gap and tackles the Red Raider back in their own endzone! This play after the KSU offense went three and out on their first possession of the 2nd half. This play was a shock of belief into the KSU squad. The KSU offense turned around and drove 69 yards in six plays for a touchdown.

Kansas State must find a way to get premier talent into their program. Chris Klieman is struggling in the recruiting game. He has brought in some talent, but not enough. Until recruiting improves, KSU will continue to be another middling Big 12 team with no championship shot. Deuce Vaughn was the main playmaker for the KSU Wildcat offense. He touched the ball 22 times, 15 carries and seven receptions. Vaughn was the leading receiver, and the next receiver was Landry Weber for 3 catches. Vaughn can’t do it all. The Wildcats need more playmakers on offense. It is one thing to aspire. It is quite another to put oneself in position to realize those aspirations. Better recruits and better coaching will lead the Wildcats to the promised land.

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