Meet Joseph!

Hello fellow sports fans!  My name is Joseph Jordan.  Welcome to our page.  Welcome to our website.  I hope you are as deeply passionate about sports as I am.  Julien and I have spent a lot of time writing our sports opinions on Facebook over the years.  We decided to put our heads together and build this page to encapsulate all our collective thoughts for you to enjoy. 

I am a lawyer by trade.  I represent Servicemembers worldwide in military investigations and Court Martials.  I am a veteran and served 11 years in the US Army.  I served 5 years as Army Judge Advocate in Germany, Korea, and Fort Hood, Texas.  I opened my practice representing Servicemembers worldwide, after I left the service in 2011.

We all have a sports story.  Mine is unremarkable.  I tried my hand at t-ball, gymnastics, basketball, tennis, swimming, and football.  I grew up helping my mother raise and train horses.  That is more hard work than a sport, but it taught me to appreciate the equestrian arts.  I never took any of my sporting ventures very far.  However, I did grow to love watching them.  If I had to pick a favorite sport it would be football, with auto racing and basketball following closely behind.  The core of my football love stems from the 49ers and Kansas State.  Over the years I have followed the coaching trees that have sprouted out of Bill Snyder and Bill Walsh.  Studying coaching trees gives me the ability to watch a variety of schools and NFL teams, secretly rooting for their success so long as they don’t play the 49ers or KSU.  Additionally, I am privileged to have coached football.  I spent time coaching at the high-school and semi-pro level, and it was very instructive for me.  Though I have never raced, I have spent some time on racetracks with racing professionals which has helped me appreciate the stresses and challenges of a race car driver.  Finally, I grew up in Kansas, the birthplace of basketball.  Those of you that grew up there, know that you start bouncing a ball as soon as you can walk.  I was never very skilled, but I know the fundamentals and have always enjoyed the science, speed, and strategy of the game. 

Most of my writing will be focused on the NFL, NCAA Football and F1 Racing.  My goal is to cover every Sunday Night, Monday Night and Thursday Night game.  Julien will split the load with me on NCAA Football and the NFL and I will split the load with him on the NBA.  We all have our teams we are fans of.  I love the 49ers.  I also really enjoy watching the Chiefs and the Dolphins.  As for college football I grew up in Big 12 country and went to law school in SEC country.  My wife’s family are all in Miami.  I love the Kansas State Wildcats, Arkansas Razorbacks, and the Miami Hurricanes.  I also support Texas, Michigan, Stanford, and Oregon for sentimental reasons personal to me. When I was a child, I loved the Bulls.  When Michael Jordan retired, the NBA lost its allure for me.  However, over the last ten years my love for the NBA has been revived, largely because of my new family from Miami.  It started with the Miami Heat and moved on to the Golden State Warriors when Steve Kerr took over.  As for Formula 1 racing, I love Ferrari and support McLaren.  As a 4th grader I remember writing an in-depth research paper on the history of Ferrari.  I have been in love with the company and their race team ever since.  And yes…I watched Ford vs Ferrari and loved every minute of it!  I am an American after all. 

I love the various sporting disciplines for a variety of reasons.  Sports teaches resilience, teamwork, and goal setting.  Sports is also very entertaining.  Here we hope to entertain you with our thoughts on the various games, matches and races that we choose to write about on our page.  We hope to start meaningful conversations.  We also hope to provide analytical feedback on the games we cover.  We are sports fans, and we know you are too.

Meet Julien!

Hi my name is Julien and I am a sports addict. I say that with pride. I used to feel guilty about my addiction, but now I am fully accepting of it because it’s who I am and I can’t change that. I have come out of my sports addict closet. I watch everything. Literally everything. Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Hockey, Beach Volleyball, Beach Handball, Chess, Fishing, Racing, Gymnastics, Track, Olympic Rowing, Robot Fighting, Boxing, Curling, the Spelling Bee….the list goes on and on like the song that doesn’t end. As long as there is a competitive aspect to it, you name it- I have watched it. I was at the end of my wits during the pandemic and actually started following wheelchair tennis for a while. That’s when I knew that I had a serious problem. Not that there’s anything wrong with wheelchair tennis, it’s actually a pretty good watch- you guys should give it a look sometime.

Now I have decided to be productive with my addiction and turn it from a weakness to a strength of mine. I decided to start this website with my good buddy and fellow sports addict Joseph, where we will be sharing our opinions and analysis of the teams and sports that we love and follow. Hopefully we will spark some great debates and some passionate discussions concerning the world of sports. We want to bring those barber shops, parking lot tailgate, Facebook forums, water cooler sharing, collaborative discussions right into your living room or your man cave or wherever you consume your sports talk.

My background consists of being a music industry songwriter who majored in Microbiology and worked in sales. Regarding my athletic background I played defensive/holding midfielder on my high school soccer team. Don’t look up our team record, we weren’t very good. Let’s just say when I attended the University of Miami I was there on an academic scholarship, not an athletic one. I was also a bench riding point guard for my park league in Puerto Rico and Church league in Miami. I am a devout Miamian. I root for all teams Miami. I am so Miami that I was in two Trick Daddy music videos and the movie “Top Shottas” in high school. I even ghost wrote some music for Trina that ended up on a Trillville album (they are not from Miami, go figure). I rep the Miami Northwestern Bulls. Home or the best high school football program in America. Teddy Bridgewater, Amari Cooper, you might have heard of them. I bleed Orange and Green for my Miami Hurricanes. I also rep the Miami Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, Inter Miami, and the Florida Panthers all day. I also love the Lakers and have a soft spot in my heart for Michigan, USC, and the 49ers as well- but don’t get it twisted, home is where the heart is and the heart beats three-oh-five.

I am opinionated as hell but I love a good heated debate and I can take it as well as I can dish it out. If you have something to say, you better have the facts to back it up because you know I will. I always felt like I missed my calling to become a writer since it was and still is a passion of mine. So I finally decided to get off my butt and start writing about the things in sports we all love. Hopefully you enjoy what I have to say and if you don’t, that’s fine too….just be sure to let me know about it. I would love to engage my audience and get feedback as we grow this platform together. I thank you in advance for your time and attention. Now let’s get this show on the road!