Dolphins Must Win

The NFL knew exactly what they were doing when they had their schedule makers put the Dolphins against the Buffalo Bills in Week 18 for

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December Dolphins

The best way to get over a bad loss is to follow it up with a good win. I know you are probably rolling your

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Dolphins Take Command

The Miami Dolphins are in the number one spot in the conference and we are heading into week 14! Can you believe that? As a

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Rebound Over the Raiders

The Miami Dolphins rebounded from their pre-bye loss in Germany to the Kansas City Chiefs with a gritty performance led by their defensive unit that

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Failure In Frankfurt

Failure In Frankfurt Another road game, another loss for the Miami Dolphins as the high flying squad from Miami dropped to 6 wins and 3

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NFL Mid Term Report

We are halfway thru the season!  It’s time to do a midterm analysis.  Who is trending up?  Who is struggling?  Who has hope and who

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Dolphins Sweep Patriots

  Never in the last twenty years did I think that we would actually see a time where the Dolphins would be routinely beating Bill

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Dolphins Drown Panthers

  Well at least one football team from Miami beat North Carolina this weekend! The Miami Dolphins improved to 5-1 and their record breaking offense

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Dolphins Defeat Giants

On Sunday the Miami Dolphins were the Goliaths compared to the New York football Giants, who contrary to their name, were playing the role of

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Miami Dolphins #1

Miami Dolphins!! Miami Dolphins!! The Miami Dolphins are first in the NFL, first in the AFC, first in the AFC East, and first in the

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