Week 8 NFL Rollup


What an exciting week of Professional Football! Four backup Quarterbacks lead their teams to victory: Geno Smith, Mike White, Trevor Simien and Cooper Rush. Three teams snap multi game losing streaks and there was at least one major upset! Right now, I want to focus on the Chiefs for a bit.

What are we to do with the Chiefs? They started the season as Superbowl favorites and now they look as if they will be fighting for a wildcard spot. The Chiefs were back to their uninspired, unimaginative, poor executing ways on Monday Night Football. The defense played ok, holding a wayward Giants squad to just 17 points. However, the Chief’s offense was listless and borderline non-existent. Mahomes managed to eke out 275 yards passing. He struggled. It does not feel like Andy Reid is helping him out throughout the week. Mahomes has few answers with Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce fight thru double coverage. Still, Hill managed 12 receptions for 94 yards. Yup, that’s right, a lot of short passes that he turned up field. Kelce was limited to four catches and 27 yards. To be fair, Kelce had at least 3 key drops. He was his own worst enemy. Mahomes targeted eight receivers but only connected with six and only four of those receivers caught more than one pass. The Chiefs lack diversity in their pass game. Their play smacks of a severe lack of discipline. They also failed to capitalize on Derrick Gore gashing the Giants defense. He averaged 4.4 yards a carry on 11 carries. They should have kept feeding him the ball and worked the play action game. Had they done so, I can almost guarantee they would not have been struggling to get a field goal for the win.

The Chiefs have a lot to work out. They lack a sense of urgency when they play regular season games. There are too many dropped and fumbled balls. Worse, they are penalized way too often. I think the Chiefs need a reset. Keep Mahomes, Kelce, Hardman, Hill, Jones, Pringle and Mathieu then scrub the rest of the roster. This team is living on past headlines instead of striving for future success.

Now, for this week’s roll up!

49ers snap four game losing streak and beat the Bears on the road. Deebo Samuel sets a team record achieving 819 reception yards in just seven games, beating out Jerry Rice’s previous record of 781 yards. Rookie Elijah Mitchel has his second 100-yard game in a row. Bosa notches sack number 6 on his belt!

Bronco’s also snap a four-game losing streak. Yet, they trade Von Miller away. I am not so sure who won or lost in that deal…. Still, Broncos are now 4-4 and are tied with the Chiefs.

Second team Quarterback Geno Smith leads Seattle to victory! Seahawks snap a three-game losing streak. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett combined to catch 18 of Geno’s 20 completed passes. Twelve of those catches were Lockett’s.

Geno Smith

Mike White Leads the Jets to Victory! Who is that? Oh, their second team quarterback. He threw for 405 yards on the vaunted Bengal Defense! Coach Saleh has already hinted at a QB controversy in Jersey.

Cooper Rush leads the Cowboy’s offense to victory on Sunday Night Football. Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore earned his paycheck, getting Rush ready to go and calling a great game.

Trevor Siemian was thrown into the deep pool Sunday afternoon after Famous Jameis suffered an ACL tear. Siemian did not disappoint. Neither did the Saint’s defense. Tom Brady was picked of twice, one of which was the game sealing pick six.

Steelers are on a three-game winning streak! Cleveland Browns lose a close one. Jarvis Landry fumbles away a key reception that could have led to a game winning score. TJ Watt lived in the Brown’s backfield so much he set up an apartment, turned on the TV and enjoyed the show.

Bolts fizzle out amidst the Mac Attack. Que the JAWS music. New England is steadily improving.

Carolina wins a close one but lose Sam Darnold to a concussion.

Eagles Fly high over Detroit, 44 to 6.

Rams were 38-0 at the end of the third quarter. Don’t let the end score fool you.

Titans win in overtime but lose King Henry for the year.

Josh Allen throws a new look touchdown as a Miami defender is yanking down on his facemask. Allen channels his inner Phil Mickelson and leads the Bill’s to victory. Miami bumbled around the field earning their seventh loss.

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