Week 6 NFL Rollup

Week 6 NFL Rollup

This week’s games featured two prime time thrillers along with two overtime games. Two teams were playing without their head coaches from last week…AND THEY BOTH WON! There were also a couple of surprising losses. So, let’s get it into it.

Bills surprisingly lose in the worst way possible. Josh Allen is stoned on a 4th and inches play. Coach McDermott should have kicked the field goal and went for overtime. Wins matter when it comes to playoff seeding and this needless loss may come back to bite the Bills in the rear. Titans are scrappy, tough, and play with a lot of pride. Bills failed to put them away when they had the chance. They threw away a chance to win. It’s ok to live to fight another day. Coach McDermott owes it to his players to give them a chance to win. Emmanuel Sanders’s face at the end of the game said it all. Hopefully the Bills learn this lesson because they have all the potential in the world and look like a true contender when they play at their highest level.

Watt Strikes Again! The Steelers gut out a win in overtime. The Seahawks played the Steelers tough the whole game. In the end, the difference in the game was TJ Watt, the highest paid defender in the league. He earned his money on Sunday Night! Seven tackles, two sacks, three tackles for loss, 3 pass deflections and a forced fumble. In fact, it was Watt’s forced fumble and Devin Bush’s recovery that triggered the winning kick for Pittsburgh. The Steelers are back to .500 and the Seahawks are at the bottom of the NFC West.

Buccaneers win a nail biter against the Eagles on Thursday Night Football. The Eagles defense made things tough on Brady by holding his passing yards below 300 yards and securing an interception. Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette were Brady’s best friends on Thursday night.

Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars secure their first win this season. Lawrence is steadily getting better every game. Tua threw for more yards, but Lawrence gets the win breaking the 300-yard passing mark for the second time this season. This is also his second game with no interceptions. Miami needs to find their way out of the darkness, or this will quickly become a lost season.


Chiefs lost the first half and WON the game! The Chiefs committed three turnovers in the first half scoring only a touchdown and a field goal while racking up a ton of offensive yardage. The game was beginning to look like another lack luster effort and yet they came out in the second half and held the Washington Football Team for no points while scoring 21 of their own.

It is sad that the Washington Football team chose to honor Sean Taylor on the weekend following the email scandal between Jon Gruden and the Washington Football Team Owner. Honoring Taylor takes the spotlight off the black mark. Sean Taylor should be honored…but he should not be used as a tool to deflect attention away from the team owner’s conduct and involvement in Jon Gruden’s fall from grace.

“I OWN YOU!!” Aaron Rodgers yells at a Bears fan flipping Aaron the double bird as he scores a running touchdown. He certainly owned the Bears on Sunday leading the Packers to a 24 to 14 victory. It should be noted that Justin Fields had a respectable second start.

Bengals blow out a tough Lions squad. Joe Burrow shines again. Jamar Chase was 3 yards shy of the century mark in receiving yards. Dan Campbell told Goff in his post-game presser that he needs him to step up more than he has.

Colts thump the Texans. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.

Colts are trending up and could have been streaking if they held on to beat the Ravens last week.

Rams go 5-1 causing the Giants to go 1-5 in a 38 to 11 thrashing.

Vikings win a close game that went right down to the wire. Panthers miss McCaffrey. KJ Osborn with the game winner!

Cardinals stun the Browns to stay undefeated in the battle of the OU Heisman Trophy Winners. Oh, and the Cardinals won 37 to 14 while their coach was in quarantine. I wonder if Baker likes apples?

Ravens stun the Chargers in an awesome team win. West Coast teams always have a hard time playing on the east coast. I would not put too much stock in this Chargers loss. The Chargers are still a tough team to contend with.

No Jon Gruden, no problem. Raiders get the win with a new head coach at the helm. Raiders looked good doing it to.

Cowboys win a thriller at Gillette! Their offense looks better each week.

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