Week 5 CFB Roll Up

This season of college football has been one of upsets, the largest number of top 25 upsets of all-time at this point in a season to be exact. Week 5’s games did not disappoint and held true to form with four top 10 defeats on this past Saturday alone. Multiple other top 25 teams either lost or were in real jeopardy of going down up until the final moments, at the buzzer, or in overtime. It has been a crazy season that’s been difficult to predict to say the least. That being said, here is the College Football Rollup: Week 5 edition.

Oregon goes down in OT in a hard-fought game that I predicted Stanford would win. History tells us that no one gets through the Pac 12 season undefeated. No one. Get well soon Verdell.

Michigan’s defense stifles the Badgers. The offense is getting better every week. Is this the year that Harbaugh finally wins the Big 10?

Miami forfeits a win at home over UVA by settling for a game winning kick that everyone, but Manny knew was not going in. Fanbase in South Florida is getting restless. Manny’s seat is volcano hot.

Iowa destroys Maryland. Tua’s little brother looked awful as he kept putting the ball up into dangerous positions late, across his body, in the middle of the field, and Iowa’s opportunistic defense cashed in with 6 interceptions! Ouch.

Ohio State dominates Rutgers. Rutgers scored early but any slight concern that caused quickly abated as the Buckeyes ran up the score in a flash. Rumor has it that Urban Meyer watched this game and shed a tear in remembrance of college game scheduling.

BYU stays undefeated. Utah State gave BYU a run early in this Beehive state showdown, but BYU made the plays down the stretch to win by two touchdowns.

Arkansas gets spanked by Georgia. It’s hard to shut a team out in college football, but this Bulldog defense has now done it multiple times. Georgia came out with hype and energy that Arkansas was not ready for and unable to match. It appears that Arkansas is not quite ready for the next level of trials just yet.

Wake Forest is now #1 in ACC standings. Believe it. Their showdown with Louisville went down to the last kick and it was good! Thrilling victory for the Demon Deacons.

Cincinnati let the country know that they are legitimately in contention for a playoff spot by beating Notre Dame in a wire-to-wire victory. Will Luke Fickell stay, or look for perceived greener pastures?

Oklahoma escapes with another one score win over a soon to be former Big 12 opponent. Kansas State was game all afternoon but couldn’t get over the hump. Feels like it’s only a matter of time before Oklahoma loses one of these. With Oklahoma State playing so well, maybe Bedlam will be the Sooners down fall. Did Spencer Rattler do enough with his efficient performance to quiet down the doubters in his fanbase?

Alabama doubles up highly ranked Ole Miss as Saban continues to get the best of his former assistant coaches. Normally I would say this week separated the contenders from the pretenders but this season it’s clear that there are only two teams in play for a national title and everyone else is just trying to stay in the same galaxy. Bama and the Bulldogs from Athens are a giraffe’s head-and-neck above the rest.

The Seminoles finally gets their first win but needed last second heroics to do it. Syracuse now must live with the fact that they were FSU’s first.

La Tech gave NC State everything that the Wolfpack could handle but the ACC was able to save face as the Pack pulled out the close win.

Didn’t I tell you that Stoops has Mullen’s number?!? Another top 10 team goes down as the undefeated Wildcats of Kentucky take down the talented Gators of Florida at home. This was another upset special I correctly predicted.

Mike Leach gets the better of Jimbo as his M.I. crooked-letter-crooked-letter-I-crooked-letter-crooked-letter-humpback-humpback-I state team gets the better of the once highly ranked Texas A&M Aggies continue to fall due to continuing offensive woes.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys laid down their marker in a hard fought Big 12 game- where, contrary to the recent brand of the conference, some tough defense was played!

Penn State stays perfect in a boring but decisive win over Indiana 24-0. Impressive for the white lions.

Clemson were in real risk of falling out of the top 25 in the first time in a long time that many of us can’t even remember anymore. But their prayers to the football Gods were answered as Boston College looked ready to score the game winner and fumbled away their chances at the end.

Auburn with the 4th quarter come from behind win! That’s two weeks in a row where Auburn had to show some grit and come from behind to beat an unranked inferior opponent. Although most people would forgive a loss to LSU. A loss to Georgia State would have been unforgivable. Ed might be looking for a job soon….

In late night action, both top 20 ranked California teams, Fresno State and UCLA lost to unranked conference foes in Hawaii and Arizona State respectively. The poetically perfect ending to another weekend full of upsets in a college football season appropriately themed by the same.

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