Tua Toyota

Tua Toyota

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, do you guys miss Tua yet? Because I do. He certainly has his short comings but, my God- this offense went from being a late model mid level trim package Toyota Camry with Tua at the wheel to one of those pedal power bikes fitted with a lawnmower engine tied down with some leftover chicken wire by Brissett. It’s awful and not entertaining to watch. We are officially the worst offense in the league. Good job guys! Hell of a distinction. Is this why you forced Chan Gailey into retirement and replaced him with three guys who collaboratively don’t know how to get 10 yards up the field to reset the downs? The two offensive coordinators and QB coach we have calling the plays are making last season’s offense look like it was the greatest show on turf. This year’s version is conservative, unimaginative, easy to defend, and downright boring to watch. The Dolphins let the previously winless Colts come into Hard Rock and absolutely bullied them all over the park. You know how after a major holiday the dumpster levels overflow with garbage? That’s the Dolphins offense. After getting rid of quality rotational players like Kyle Van Noy, Bobby McCain, and Shaq Lawson; the defense is no longer elite. Not a good combination.

I won’t delve into the game much, we all saw that anemic performance. Brissett doesn’t see the field well, misses a lot of open reads as he seems to process information slower, and the Miami offensive coordinators seem to want to stick with their conservative game plan until they find themselves in huge deficits that force them to have to open up the field more and then you see some success. The Dolphins have some of fastest receivers in the league and a tight end that can go. Yet for most of the game it seems like the coaches forget they exist. Right now their whole offense is weak power runs, short routes that don’t move the chains, and jump balls to Parker. That’s it. Why force a power run game with Malcolm Brown when it’s clear this offensive line doesn’t excel in a power blocking scheme? Why not spread them out a little to get the offensive line some relief and reduce the clutter in the middle of the field a little bit? Why not do everything in their power to get back to .500 going into the Tampa Bay game? The answer: maybe we can’t expect Brissett to do the things that Tua can do.

I know that Tua generally gets bad press but he does have some redeeming qualities that made him a top 5 pick. Tua is super accurate in short to intermediate throws and deep throws inside the numbers. He also throws a decent deep jump ball outside of the numbers and his slant throw behind the linebacker and in front of the safety is lethal. Tua is really good at RPOs, maybe even elite. Tua has a lot of work to do as well but he is clearly the best trigger man on this roster. I want Tua to succeed and finally solve the 20 year quarterback problem the Dolphins have had, but I am also critical of him. Full disclosure: predraft 2020, I wanted Herbert and I was okay with the Dolphins staying at #3 and drafting another QB this year and having an open competition, so I am not a Tua apologist by any means. However, Tagovailoa does have some things that he is really good at along with some deficiencies. He is clearly better than Brissett’s bike and I can’t wait to have Tua’s Toyota back as soon as physically possible. Maybe it’s time we as a fanbase learn to appreciate Tua a little bit more.

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