Mediocre Miami

There’s really no excuses for a two point win in your home opener over a team from the Sunbelt conference, so I won’t make any. I know that Appalachian State is a great program that plays Power 5 schools tough and slayed Michigan in a trial by combat in 2007. I am aware that Coach Ponce is a master game plan developer and always has his teams ready to play. I still think Miami should have covered the spread and more because they should have had an edge and should have still been pissed off from that embarrassing beatdown in Atlanta by Alabama. That didn’t happen, so I am happy with the win but still disappointed with the overall outcome.

I know winning is hard and should not be taken for granted but I can’t help but feel like this team really hasn’t improved much over the summer. This still feels like that team that struggled to beat Central Michigan and lost to FIU and Louisiana Tech in a meaningless Top Ramen Noodles bowl in the middle of nowhere Louisiana. This still feels like the team that is capable of giving up a Guinness book of records rushing yard total to North Carolina and getting stomped in the first half of a bowl game by Oklahoma State. Did they spend all summer listening to their own hype? People were billing this offensive line to be drastically improved from last year, but our right tackle and right guard play so far has been God awful. Pundits were saying that King would be in the Heisman discussion and the face of college football this season. So far, I am not seeing it.

This team needs to put in a lot more work if they want to be as good as they think they are. I have my concerns, serious concerns- my faith is shaken but not gone. Hopefully, we can get some momentum going in the right direction this weekend with a great performance over Michigan State, but I am not holding my breath.

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