How ‘Bout ‘Dem Cowboys!

How 'Bout "Dem Cowboys!

The Cowboys are really starting to look like a team built to make a run that could end in Inglewood California’s SoFi Stadium in February. That’s not hyperbole either. They have all the pieces, and they are that good. The Cowboys offensive line is so good that most team GMs would give up their kidney and a piece of their liver to get a unit that dominates at the point of attack like the Cowboy’s offensive line does. Dak Prescott is in a excellent situation for a quarterback coming off a serious injury. In the NFL it has been proven that all these trigger men can spin it. If you give your QB time to throw and a run game to compliment his passing prowess, you are going to have an effective offense that scores a lot of points. In this competitive league, if you have that, then you give yourself a great chance to win. Pair that with a defense with some ball hawks like Trevon Diggs that can get opportunistic turnovers, and you’re playing sweet “complimentary football” everyone likes to talk about.

The NFC East is not equipped to put up much resistance. The Giants are lacking in talent and injured at key positions. The Eagles are still in the middle of experimenting to see if Jalen Hurts is worthy of being the team’s heir to the franchise. Washington Football team’s defense predicted in the preseason to be one of the best in the NFL is clearly overrated and not playing anywhere close to the lofty expectations bestowed on it after an unlikely playoff berth last season. It’s the Cowboy’s domain and the other three teams are just living in it and paying rent and utilities.

Sunday’s win over the G-men was decisively impressive. In the NFL it’s not easy to win, let alone by 24 points. Dallas won by three touchdowns and field goal. If we were playing Madden, the game would have been over the moment the Cowboys went up by 21. Elliott had another 100-yard rushing game on over 20 carries. While Henry and Chubb get all the headlines, Zeke is quietly having himself a renaissance of a season. Dak threw for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. The dynamic duo of Cooper and Lamb combined for 144 yards and 2 touchdowns while Schultz showed us some Jason Witten flashes racking up 79 yards on 6 receptions. It’s going to be a tough prospect scheming up a way to stop this Dallas offense with healthy weapons everywhere and an offensive line playing cohesively.

Since that heartbreaking loss on opening night to the Bucs, the Cowboys are undefeated despite having played one of the tougher schedules in the league. Forecasting ahead, it’s not unrealistic to see the streak continue for four more games before the showdowns with the suddenly vulnerable looking AFC West teams in Kansas City and Vegas. I am thoroughly impressed with how Kellen Moore has this offense cooking right now and Dan Quinn is showing his mastery leading a unit that is getting better every week. Holding that Chargers offense to only 17 points in week two seems even more impressive now considering the tear Herbert and those boys have been on. Next Sunday Dak and the boys head up to Foxborough for a showdown with Mac Jones, Belichick, and the Patriots. New England is always a notoriously tough place to play but I would put my money on the Cowboys in this matchup.

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