Dallas Dominates

The game was over at half time. Dallas scored 42 points to Washington’s seven. It was as if the fans were playing Madden the live action game! The Dallas offense finally started humming on all cylinders. The last few weeks have featured a stumbling, unsteady Cowboy offense as they struggled thru injuries. Washington was down three starting defenders, but it’s the NFL. Every team is missing starters including the Cowboys. The biggest difference for the Cowboys was not that they played against a talent deficient team. This week, the biggest difference was Dak Prescott executed the offense at a high level. Dak has been playing thru injury the last few weeks. Sunday night was the first time in over a month that Dak looked fully and completely healthy. At the end of the first half, he had completed 27 of 35 passes for 321 yards and four touchdowns. However, the start of the game for Dallas was rather inauspicious.

The Dallas offense started the game spitting and sputtering. They couldn’t get it going. They traveled seven yards in six plays and were forced to punt the ball three minutes into the game. But every once in a while, a high-performance engine needs a jump start. That is exactly what the Dallas Defense provided. Trevon Diggs collected his 11th interception of the season, gifting the ball back to Prescott and the Dallas offense. The rest is history. The Cowboys offense scored touchdown’s their next five offensive possessions. The icing on the cake was Demarcus Lawrence’s 40-yard pick six. Since the Cowboy defensive line collected a touchdown, the offensive line decided it needed to get in on the action as well. Offensive tackle Terence Steele collected Dak Prescott’s 3rd touchdown pass of the night. The Washington defensive line group became so frustrated, Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen threw hands…at each other. Allen stuck his finger in Payne’s forehead yelling at him, and Payne responded with a right hook to the face. Perhaps they should focus on hitting the opposing team instead of each other.

The Dallas Cowboys are usually good at two things: selling merchandise and creating headlines. Amari Cooper created some headlines during an interview last week. He felt like he should be more involved in the offense, especially in the red-zone. Well, Coach heard ya! He caught seven balls for 85 yards and a touchdown. Only Dalton Schultz caught more passes on Sunday night. This week the Dallas Cowboys can add winning BIG to that list of things they do well. Of note, Dak is only the second quarterback to throw touchdowns to a wide receiver, running back, tight end and offensive lineman all in the same game.

Before Dak retired for the night, he connected with 9 different receivers. He distributed the ball well. His ball placement was on target. His throws were on time. Simply put, Dak was on fire. We all know the Dallas defense is a force to be reckoned with. Couple the Cowboy’s defense with Dak Prescott’s laser arm and they might run the tables. They will have two tough matchups to test their mettle before the playoffs begin. They have the Cardinals next week and they end the season with the red-hot Philadelphia Eagles. For now, they celebrate earning the NFC East Championship. Are their two more Championship hats coming their way this season?

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