Cowboys Win with 3rd Qtr. Blitz!

To the be the best at anything in this life you must be prepared to endure adversity. You must be resilient. Dak Prescott epitomizes resilience. He spent over a year rehabbing a horrible injury. He endured media scrutiny regarding his contract. Training camp was full of speculation and drama surrounding yet another injury. Not only that, but there was also an extra level of scrutiny with Hard Knocks breathing down his neck. All these circumstances prepared Dak for hard times in a game. On Sunday they went into half time down 14 to 13, at home to an inferior Panthers team. In the third quarter Dak led the Cowboys on a 20-point blitzkrieg. Add two interceptions by the defense and the Cowboys secured their win in the 3rd quarter.

The only thing holding the Cowboys back from their true potential is the head coach Mike McCarthy. His in-game judgement is questionable at best, and non-existent at worst. There is four minutes left in the half. The Panthers are called for a hold on the seven-yard line and the penalty assessed was half the distance to the goal. Coach McCarthy declined the penalty making it third and twelve, instead of second and fifteen. Perhaps his thinking was not to give the Panthers another bite at the apple. However, they were backed up against their own goal line. The closer the ball is to the goal line, the more likely the defense can capitalize on a fumble and score. Then, with less than a minute to go in the half, the Cowboys get a sack and instead of Coach McCarthy letting the clock bleed, he calls a timeout. It was his last timeout. The sack was made on first down. There is no logical reason to give the Panthers another bite at the apple to try and score. Luckily, the Cowboys roster was more talented than the Panthers. Luckily, the Cowboys coordinators called a great game.

Dak Prescott is becoming more comfortable on the field. He had several long runs to convert for first downs. We should not expect to see Dak run the ball as a Cowboy staple, however, he ran it on Sunday to convert needed first downs. Dak isn’t the only one getting more comfortable. Zeke ran for 143 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries. Surprisingly, CeeDee Lamb had a quiet day. On defense, Jayron Kearse had another highlight real smacking Panthers around all game long. However, the defensive player of the game was Trevon Diggs with four tackles and two interceptions. Diggs has quietly snagged 5 interceptions in the first four games of the season. Opposing teams are going to start throwing to the other side of the field in the coming weeks.

The Panthers are a worthy opponent. They have scrap and fight in them. They miss their star running back. However, despite his loss they are finding offensive production. This Panthers squad is a tough out and has a shot to come in second to the Buccaneers in the NFC South.

All in all, the Cowboys had another thrilling home win. They are building confidence. Dak is playing with in the offense. He only threw for 188 yards but he also threw four touchdowns. He led his team. The defense is getting better every week. They will give up points, but they will also force turnovers and collect sacks. They have the rest of the season to continue to improve.

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