Cowboys Bounce Back Big!

Lamb and Prescott

There is nothing like getting your rear-end handed to you on a platter to make you wake up. Dallas received a reality check last week in their 30 – 16 loss to the Broncos at home. Any given Sunday your team can get beat. As Dallas reflected on their embarrassing loss, they went back to the drawing board and the practice field with a renewed vigor. Sunday’s result is the reward.

The Cowboys came in without Tyron Smith but that was no problem. They used the week effectively to figure out how to protect Dak Prescott and run the ball effectively without their premier left tackle. This week did feature Michael Gallup’s return. While he did not put up eye popping numbers, he did catch a crucial 4th down catch setting up a two yard touchdown run for Zeke Elliott. However, the offensive star of the game was Cee Dee Lamb. He plays in a different gear than the rest of the field. Every catch he made was a crucial one. Six catches for 94 yards and two touchdowns is how CeeDee Lamb spent the first half. He runs crisp routes and gets in gear quick when he has the ball. He is electric. In the second half he had a 12-yard rush for a first down. CeeDee Lamb is a game changer and the Cowboys are happy to have him. The Dolphins thought they were getting him with the next pick since wide receiver wasn’t a position of need for the Cowboys in that draft. However, the Cowboys went best player available, and took CeeDee Lamb. The former Oklahoma Sooner is making that wise decision pay off big time for the Cowboys.

Speaking of fourth downs, Coach Mike McCarthy converted two in the first half of the game. He has a propensity to go for it on fourth down. Unfortunately, he usually does not win the down. The tide turned for Coach McCarthy when the Cowboys converted two key 4th down-plays in their third and fourth offensive possessions. Both plays led to eventual touchdowns. This was the opposite of last week when two 4th down gambles went against the Cowboys and they never recovered.

The Cowboys were also without their best pass rusher, Randy Gregory. Still, they figured out a way to manufacture sacks and pressures. Micah Parsons continued his bid for defensive rookie of the year securing a sack-fumble and collecting at least 6 total tackles.

The Cowboys really won the game in the first half. The Cowboys scored four of their first five possessions in the first half of the game. The defense allowed a field goal in the first quarter. Special teams blocked a punt for a touchdown to close out the first half with a 36-3 score. The Cowboys pressed, executed, and scored when they needed to. In the second half they cooled their jets and rested Dak Prescott among others in the fourth quarter.

The second half of the game featured more Cowboy’s defensive prowess. All three starting corner backs secured an interception. Trevon Diggs kicked off the interception festivities with nine minutes to go in the third quarter. Diggs secured his eighth interception in nine games. He continues to lead the league in interceptions.

This is a nice statement win for the Cowboys as they get ready to travel to Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs are slowly coming back to themselves. This will be a touch match up in a cold hostile environment. Hopefully the Cowboys won’t ride high on their press clippings and they will stay focused on defeating the Chiefs.

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