Chiefs Beat Cowboys

This was an ugly game for both squads. That tends to happen in largely defensive games. The Cowboys drove inside the Chief’s 30-yard line on five different occasions to only score three field goals. That’s it. The Cowboys had scored at least two touchdowns a game leading into Sunday’s match up. The Chief’s defense showed up and shut the Cowboys offense down.

It wasn’t all roses and cupcakes for the Chiefs either. Though they scored their first possession, the missed the extra point. Immediately you knew it was going to be one of those games. Still, the Chiefs started the game out right. They force the Cowboys go to three and out and then sustain a nine-play drive for a touchdown. Then the Chiefs defense force a fumble the next possession eventually leading to three more points. Not a bad way to start. Still, the Cowboys got their licks in too. The Cowboys ended seven Chief’s drives, giving up NO points. They forced the Chiefs to punt four times, forced a fumble, and snagged an interception. The Chiefs also missed a field goal. The Cowboys defense stood tall most of the game, however the Cowboys offense failed to reciprocate.

Sunday’s game could have been a preview of the Superbowl. However, the Cowboys were the walking wounded. Two of their offensive linemen were out including Tyron Smith.
The Cowboys missed Amari Cooper on Sunday as well. Unfortunately, he was out due to COVID. They will miss him next week as well. Still, they had their stellar sophomore CeeDee Lamb who has been their main game breaking receiver. When he went down in the first half due to a head injury, the Cowboys were out of playmakers. Micheal Gallup didn’t show up when the Cowboys needed him. He was targeted 10 times and only caught 5 balls. Cedric Wilson had 3 key drops.. In fact, out of the ten receivers Dak Prescott targeted, only nine caught balls, and only three caught every ball that came their way. Zeke Elliott, Tony Pollard and Sean McKeon caught every pass meant for them. Their efforts were not enough.

The Cowboy’s defense offered a few rays of sunshine. They managed to sack Mahomes three times and snagged one interception that bounced off Travis Kelce’s hands into Jayron Kearse’s hands. Micah Parsons secured sacks seven and eight of his rookie season. The Cowboys defense ran Patrick Mahomes all over the field, hurrying him at least 16 times.

Despite the Cowboys defensive attack, the Chiefs found a way to win even without Mahomes throwing a touchdown pass. Nine receivers caught Mahome’s passes for a total of 260 yards. Tyreek Hill caught nine for 77 yards followed closely by Travis Kelce who caught five for 74 yards. The main difference for the Chiefs offense was Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s presence. He made a big difference to the Chiefs run game. He is reliable. He is shifty, and he just knows how to fall forward and get yards. The Chiefs rushing attack tallied 126 yards and two touchdowns.

The Cowboys did not look prepared to play or win this game. Losing Amari Cooper prior to the game is not an excuse. That is why you game plan. Losing CeeDee Lamb in the game could not be planned for but that is why you dig deep and find a way to win. Next man up!

The Chiefs defense has slowly been building itself up over the season. Adding Melvin Ingram to the roster has allowed Coach Spagnuolo to move Chris Jones to his natural position as a three technique defensive lineman. Today’s game showed that Jones is still a game wrecker. He sacked Prescott 3.5 times and deflected a pass that was intercepted by L’Jarious Sneed, effectively icing the game. The Chiefs sacked Dak Prescott five times, hurried him at least 22 times and intercepted him twice. This is not typical as the Cowboys are generally thought of to have the best offensive line in the league. Even if the Cowboys had Cooper and Smith, I am not sure the game would have ended any differently. If the Chiefs can sustain this type of defensive play thru the remainder of the season and throughout the playoffs, they can march their way back to the Superbowl.

The Cowboys have a short turn to get over this loss as they play the Raiders on Thanksgiving afternoon. The Chiefs have a tough test with the Broncos coming to town. They already know that the Broncos are no joke because they watched the film where they embarrassed the Cowboys in Arlington just a few weeks ago.

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