Another 5-0 WIN!!!

Gaby Jesus was brilliant again today! Has he been playing out of position his whole life? Maybe he is actually a natural right winger and not the center forward we all want him to be, and that’s okay. I will take that. His work rate has been marvelous, he has created chance after chance, oh and he put the ball in the back of the net today. If he keeps this up Mahrez will find himself fighting for playing time off the bench. Similarly, Ferran Torres and his young legs have allowed him to make run after run, seemingly exhausting his defensive opponents every matchday. Torres was rewarded with a brace today for his hustling efforts and was ever so close to keeping the match ball due to a hat trick. Raheem Sterling was positive in his creativity after coming on in the 2nd half and makes a nice tandem with Grealish on the give and go. I am excited to see their teamwork develop through the season as they get more minutes on the pitch together. Bernardo Silva, Rodri, Cancelo, Mahrez, Gundogan….it was a team effort today and everyone played their roles masterfully. This is the City we all know and love. Ramsdale just put on the best performance I have ever seen for a keeper who lost 5-0. City had 25 shots and could have scored 10 if not for the desperate defending by the keeper for the Gunners. He certainly saved his team and manager from more embarrassment after Xhaka’s send off for a poor tackle had them playing down a man for more than half the match. Well done by the boys in sky blue! This helps to put all of the Kane/Ronaldo transfer drama behind us as we head into the 1st international break of the young season. Bravo!

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