49ers Depth Shines in Win

49ers Depth Shines in Win

Saturday night’s game capstones at two-day joint practice with the Vikings. The 49ers sat most of their starters. Nate Sudfeld and Brock Purdy traded snaps, with an ever-changing offensive line. The 49ers executed 5 drives into scoring range, coming away with points four of those drives. The one time they failed, the Vikings defensive line jumped offsides, forced and recovered a fumble. The referee’s failed the Niners during that drive. Overall, the Niners have depth. Their depth shows that they have very difficult cut decisions ahead.

The real story of the week occurred over the two-day joint practice. Trey Lance finally put together back-to-back practices wherein he performed consistently well. Brandon Aiyuk thought the offense was vanilla. However, if Lance can execute the vanilla well, then he will be able to work on the exotic. Nick Bosa led the defensive line in terrorizing the Vikings offense. They lived in the back field this week. Bosa reportedly snagged at least five sacks during the 2nd practice. The 49ers practice hard and with physicality. Small wonder that is how they play.

The game showed that the 49ers still have a few weaknesses. The most glaring weakness appears to be depth at the offensive line. Early in the game the offensive line struggled to run block. They executed their pass blocking schemes much better. Still, the 49er offense thrives off the run. Throughout the first half, the 49ers had to execute pass plays to have a shot at executing a run game. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the 49er run game came alive when Jordan Mason rushed nine times for 57 yards and a called back touchdown. The Vikings defensive line was worn down and he took advantage of them.

Of the potential starters and rotational defensive players, Javon Kinlaw showed that he will be a dominate force in the weeks to come grabbing a sack during the 2nd defensive possession. Free Agent George Odum collected an interception and rookie Drake Jackson harassed the backfield, showing off his athleticism as he broke up a screen play in the second half of the game. The secondary forced five pass deflections and two interceptions showing that the Niners are emphasizing turnovers. On offense Tyler Kroft showed his ability to get open and catch. Danny Gray was always open however the quarterbacks could only hit him 50% of the time. Lastly the special teams’ stars showed up and showed out. Robbie Gould went 3 for 3 on field goals and Mitch Wishnowski executed some beautiful punts, routinely putting the ball inside the Vikings 20-yard line. During one punt, the ball was downed on the Viking one yard line. Special teams are in midseason form.

The 49ers showed that they will remain a ball control offense while the defense will continue to attack the offense with an effective four-man front. The 49ers and the Vikings are well-disciplined in their play. Overall, the Niners have great depth and cut day continues to get more difficult as the days go by. There will be a lot of 49ers cut that will end up on other rosters once the regular season starts.

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