49ers Crush Cardinals in Mexico!

The 49ers are beginning to show why they are the team to beat in the NFC.  Loaded with talent on offense, the 49ers show cased how they can distribute the ball to its playmakers.  George Kittle, Deebo Samuel and Christian McCaffrey all contributed heavily to the 49ers win.  Jimmy Garoppolo distributed the ball well, picking his spots carefully when the time called for it.  Brandon Aiyuk was the icing on the cake catching two touchdown passes.  But let’s not leave the defense out.  They pitched their third second half shut out in a row.  The Niners put on a show to a Mexican stadium full of Niners fans.  It must feel good to travel to another country and feel like you are back home.


Slow Start

49ers got off to their typical slow start, failing to score points in the first quarter.  The Cardinals managed a field goal on their second offensive possession.  The teams traded punts and then the 49ers started their third offensive possession.  Jimmy G started throwing strikes to move the team.  Then McCaffrey got the ball.  As McCaffrey took the snap, Deebo and Aiyuk sealed off the Cardinal linebackers, while Trent Williams and Tyler Kroft led blocked down field allowing McCaffrey to gain 20 yards.  Three plays later, early in the 2nd quarter, Jimmy G finds Aiyuk over the middle for a seven-yard touchdown.  It was a beautiful read and throw.  Jimmy took the snap, looked right to McCaffrey who was running a dagger route and then his eyes passed over to Aiyuk who was coming open in the endzone and Jimmy gripped it and ripped it for a touchdown.  The Niners were finally on the board.


The George Kittle Show

Colt McCoy started moving his Cardinal offense once again, converting a couple of third downs.  Then, while on their own 44-yard line, Colt rips a pass to James Connor who tipped it up in the air and Jimmie Ward came down with the interception.  The Niners had a short field to work with.  Jimmy G started the drive off with a seven-yard pass to Kittle.  Then, on third and three, Jimmy G was forced to step into the pocket.  AS he stepped up into the pocket, he could have ran for the three yards needed.  Instead, he saw Kittle break off his route and run up a wide-open seam and Jimmy G hit him in stride for a 39 yard touchdown.  This was the best play in the game because it was totally improvisational by both players.  They just played football.

The Cardinals had to make things interesting.  During their next possession, Greg Dortch scorched the 49ers with a 47 yard catch and run setting up the Cardinals for their last score of the game.  The rest of the night was all 49ers.


Second Half Blow Out

The 49ers scored 21 unanswered points in the second half.  They kicked the third quarter off with an 8 play scoring drive.  The Niners started off methodically running the ball with Elijah Mitchell.  Then the Niners tossed the ball to Deebo on a reverse who proceeded to torch the Cardinals defense for 39 yards and a touchdown.  Apparently, he got up to over 19 miles an hour on that run.

The defense forced a 4th down on the next Cardinal possession and stopped the 4th down conversion attempt.  The Niners offense didn’t capitalize, and the defense forced a Cardinal three and out.  Then the 49ers went on the march once again.  On a short field, Elijah Mitchell and McCaffrey put the Niners into the red-zone.  A couple of plays later, Brandon Aiyuk catches a beautiful end cut and runs it 13 yards for a touchdown.  The 49ers ended the game early in the fourth quarter on the strength of a classic George Kittle catch and run.  With ten minutes left in the game, Kittle caught a short pass in the flat and turned it up the sideline and rumbled into the endzone for the Niners final score of the game.


Defensive Dominance

The Niners defense was smothering.  Early in the game they bent a bit.  Deandre Hopkins caught seven passes for 77 yards.  Though Colt McCoy managed 218 yards passing he threw an interception and no touchdowns.  The Niners forced three turnovers: two interceptions and a fumble recovery.  When the defensive line wasn’t sacking Colt McCoy, they were knocking him down.  In fact, Colt was pulled from the game after the Niners scored their last touchdown.  Nick Bosa, Jimmy Ward, Mooney Ward, Fred Warner, Dre Greenlaw, Nick Bosa and Kevin Givens all had big plays in the game.  Mooney Ward led the team in tackles with nine followed by Greenlaw’s eight.


In Sum

The 49ers are now the leaders of the NFC West as they are 4-0 in divisional play.  They have beaten all of their divisional opponents by 14 points or more in each game.  Their offense is possibly the most difficult to defend against in the NFL.  They have two outstanding running backs, a great tight end and two number one receivers.  They scheme to their strengths and to the opposing team’s weaknesses.  On offense they play situational ball with the best in the league.  Additionally, the team as a whole makes excellent half time adjustments.  They are always ready to play.  Finally, the defense always gives the offense a chance.  If the offense has a slow start, the defense keeps the team viable while the offense finds its way.  The team plays complimentary football.  More importantly they play for each other.

The Niners have excellent team chemistry.  None of the players are barking about how many touches they should get.  They don’t care.  They just want to win.  That is why this team is poised to head back to the Super Bowl and earn trophy number six.  Next week the Niners head back to Santa Clara to host the Saints.

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