Wildcats Take Bears down in Waco!

Kansas State bounced back in a big way on the road tonight.  After losing a tough match up against Texas, the Wildcats spent the week getting their mojo back.  Malik Knowles got healthy.  Daniel Green found his way to 100% health.  Finally, the quarterback room continued its awesome synergy paying off in a big way in Waco this evening.

The Start

Baylor is a very talented football team.  You never want to sleep on them.  Kansas State didn’t.  However, the start of the game had us all wondering.  Kansas State started the game in their typical ball control way, driving the ball for over seven minutes all the way to the Baylor 32-yard line.  Yet, they came up empty.  Coach Chris Klieman opted to go for it on 4th and 6 and came up empty.  Baylor started moving the ball.  Given their great starting field position, the Bears were able to drive all the way to the Wildcat seventeen-yard line.  Then, on 3rd and 9, Kobe Savage snagged an interception.  That interception was the catalyst for the Wildcats 31 to 3 rout against the Baylor Bears.


Quarterback Change

Kansas State started a promising drive.  Then, the Baylor defense forced a 4th and 1 on the Baylor 39-yard line.  Adrian Martinez’s number was called, and he sneaked it for a first down.  Unfortunately for him, it was his last play of the game as his ankle was rolled up on in the scrum for the first down.  Will Howard was back under center, and he started doing Will Howard things.  He hit DJ Giddens for 11 yards, Benn Sinnott for 23 yards and Sinnott again for a 15-yard touchdown strike.  Howard threaded the needle on that throw, fitting it in between two defenders into the waiting hands of Sinnott.  He was deliberate, decisive and on target.


Offensive Performance

When Howard gets in trouble, he finds Deuce Vaughn.  During the game, he spent much of the game throwing into the blitz.  If he didn’t have an outlet receiver, Howard had no problem decisively throwing it away.  He never put the ball in conflict or danger Saturday night.  Finally, Howard’s play complimented the Wildcat running attack.  He didn’t put up massive throwing numbers, but he hit his targets when he needed to and he didn’t make the big mistake.  He didn’t turn it over.  He took what the defense gave him and ensured the Wildcat offense had another down to fight.  Finally, he threw three touchdown passes.

Kansas State won this game in the trenches.  From the very beginning the offensive line was moving Baylor off the line of scrimmage allowing the KSU running backs to have a great day.  Vaughn rushed for over 100 yards while collecting 50 yards receiving and a touchdown.  Giddens rushed for 48 yards.


Defense Hold Bears to 3

The defense bent but didn’t break.  They won this game on third and fourth down.  The Wildcat defense only allowed four out of eleven third down conversions and they stone walled the Bears on all three of their fourth down attempts.  The defense gave the Wildcats great field position all night long.  It was an awesome night of complimentary football.  Though the Wildcat defense failed to get a sack, they had numerous pressures on the Bears quarterback, Blake Shapen.  Finally, the zone defense was on point tonight snagging two interceptions.  Julius Brents was back on the field, and he manhandled the Bears receivers off the line of scrimmage.  Brent’s aggressive play wore down the Bears receivers.  When a corner can lock down a side of the field, the Coaches can get creative with their coverages, confusing the opposing quarterback and creating an environment for turnovers.


Unsung Hero

To me the most impressive player Saturday night was Ben Sinnott.  He started the first drive catching 3 passes from Martinez.  Then, Howard came in and Sinnott caught 5 more passes.  He runs a variety of different routes.  He is physical.  He blocks well.  He is reliable.  Sinnott is very versatile because he plays fullback and tight end.  Finally, he is only a sophomore.  He will continue to develop to a player that we will likely enjoy watching on Sundays.


In Conclusion

Tonight’s big win in Waco is a testament to the coaches and players.  The Coaching staff has created an awesome environment for great chemistry to develop amongst the players.  Coach Collin Klein and Coach Joe Klanderman studied the Bears and got their squads ready.  Finally, Klein was ready to call the right plays for Will Howard.  Now the Wildcats travel to West Virginia for another road test.  The Coaches and Players cannot afford to revel in tonights victory for too long.  The Mountaineers are very similar to Iowa State and love to play the spoiler.  Go Wildcats!

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