Week 7 NFL Rollup


The Chiefs and the 49ers records are tied with 4 losses a piece. The Chiefs have one more win. Just two years ago they were duking it out in the Super Bowl. Currently, both clubs are struggling mightily. Each team has different reasons for their current malaise. Defenses have seemingly figured Patrick Mahomes out. The 49ers can’t figure out how to cure the injury bug. Both teams play sloppy, uninspired, inconsistent football. As a fan of both teams, it is awful to watch. It is difficult to determine the way out of their perspective holes. Even if Patrick Mahomes plays well, the defense can’t seem to stop any offense. The 49ers seemingly have a split locker room because they know Jimmy G’s days are numbered. Injuries to key positions compound the Niners struggles. There are 10 games left. It remains to be seen if either team can dig themselves out of the hole they find themselves in. Now for the NFL Rollup.

Saints eke out a sloppy win in wet Seattle. The Saints defense suffocated Geno Smith, sacking him 5 times.

Mike Evans catches Tom Brady’s 600th pass and gives it away to a spectator named Byron Kennedy. After much negotiation, Brady was able to get his 600th ball back. The Tampa Buccaneers gave Byron Kennedy two signed jerseys, a helmet from Tom Brady, a signed Mike Evans Jersey, Evan’s game cleats, two season tickets for the remainder of the year as well as next season and $1000 game store credit. Tom Brady announced tonight on Peyton and Eli’s MNF that he will give Kennedy a Bitcoin as well. As of this writing, one bitcoin is worth $62,707.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Bucs stomp the Bears 38 to 3.

Chiefs are embarrassed by the Titans, 27 to 3. KSU’s Byron Pringle was the Chiefs leading receiver with 5 catches for 73 yards. Patrick Mahomes went down with a head injury in the 4th. Surprisingly, the Chief’s defense held Derrick Henry to 86 yards on his 29 carries. That was the only bright spot for the Chiefs on Sunday.

Stafford out duels Goff in the battle of the quarterback carousel.

Raiders are 5-2? Wow. They lead their division after defeating the Eagles 33-22.

Bengals annihilate the Ravens 41-17. Joe Burrow completed 23 passes for 416 yards and LSU teammate Ja’Mar Chase caught 8 of those passes for 201 yards and a touchdown. Chase is sitting at 754 yards, and 6 touchdowns in seven games. Chase is a rookie.

Falcons edge the Dolphins in a game where Tua played remarkably well. Dolphins have not figured out how to put it together. I am skeptical that Deshaun Watson is the answer.

Colts win at Levi’s amidst a cyclone bomb. 49ers are currently 1 and 10 at home.

Packers defeat the Washington Football team. Washington has no offense, and their vaunted defense is coming up empty game after game.

Giants thump the Panthers. Sam Darnold isn’t all that and a bag of chips. The Panthers will likely be on the hunt for a different quarterback in the off season.

Cardinals beat the Texans…as they should. DeAndre Hopkins and JJ Watt help secure a win against their old team.

Case Keenum leads the Browns to victory. Will Mayfield get his job back when he is healthy?

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