Week 11 NFL Rollup


Americans can’t get enough football! We love it! Just when we think the market is saturated, the entertainment industry finds a way to add more content. Last week HBO cut the ribbon on its first version of an in-season version of Hard Knocks. The feature team is the Indianapolis Colts. Take the time to watch it. It’s well done. The first episode features and focuses on the saga of Carson Wentz. The episode highlights the bond between Coach Frank Reich and Wentz and how it sparked a reunion in Indianapolis. ESPN Plus also added a new show about Tom Brady called, Man in the Arena. The show is being produced by Gotham Chopra who directed Tom vs. Time which aired on Facebook a few years ago. Man in the Arena focuses on each of Tom Brady’s nine trips to the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. After watching it, I believe this is a can’t miss show. In fact, it is nostalgic for a lifelong fan of football. It brings back memories of an almost forgotten time when Bill Parcells was head coach of the Patriots and Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback. The show progresses from there. It is extremely well done, and I am looking forward to the remaining episodes this year. Football players are not just men wearing armor slamming into each other on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. They are real people with real problems who overcome tremendous adversity to achieve their goals. Hard Knocks and Man in the Arena will open your eyes to the day-to-day grind of a football life.

Now for my NFL Roll Up!

Taylor’s Touchdowns Makes a Winner! Jonathan Taylor slashed and burned the once vaunted Buffalo Bill’s defense for not one…not two…not three…not four…BUT FIVE TOUCHDOWNS! He rushed for 185 yards on 32 carries and four touchdowns while catching three balls and a touchdown. He had over 200 yards from the line of scrimmage. He single-handedly won the game for the Colts. During Hard Knocks, his position coach talked about Taylor’s untapped talent. We saw it on display on Sunday! Meanwhile the Bills must figure out if they can salvage their season….

It’s Tua Time in Miami! Connecting with 8 different receivers, 6 of which who caught the ball for two or more passes shows you Tua is growing. Sure, his performance was against the hapless Jets…but still, it was quite a performance. Let’s not forget about those young rookies Josh Holland and Jaelan Phillips showing up and showing out …each of which snagged a sack. Dolphins improve to 4-7.

Brady overcomes 2 game losing streak! He had a nice performance throwing for over 300 and a couple of touchdowns. He clearly benefited from having Gronk back on the field who collected 71 of those yards. Saquon’s return for the Giants was less awe inspiring. Six carries for 25 yards and six receptions for 31 yards were Saquon Barkley’s paltry numbers. Giants stoned the Buccaneers game, but they had few answers for the Bruce Arians pass attack. Tampa Bay is leading their division, but they still have improvements to make. The Giants are only one game better than Jets…. Meh.

49ers run over the Jaguars. Are they the quiet sleeper of the NFC? We shall see if they can make noise against the 5-5 Vikings…oh wait, the Niners are also 5-5. Should be interesting…

Chiefs find their defense! Their offense is still struggling for an identity. However, they benefited from having Clyde Edwards-Helaire back on the field. The Cowboys can’t figure out their offensive line with Tyron Smith out. Zeke seems to have lost a step.

Ravens win without Lamar!

Browns eek out a three-point victory against Detroit. Baker Mayfield put on a warrior’s performance. He has a torn labrum, along with a foot and knee injury. He admits his performance wasn’t great and he is taking heat for avoiding the media after the game. It is hard to imagine the kind of pain he was in limping off the field, even if it was a victory. Baker Mayfield isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love his moxy. I hope he can pull it together to finish strong this season. The Browns have woefully underperformed this year. It is unclear who should shoulder the blame…. Right now, the fingers are being pointed at Baker.

Rudderless Texans beat the Titans. Finally Henry’s injury has caught up with Tennessee.

Packers lose in the final seconds. To be fair, they trailed most of the game. They are missing Aaron Jones to balance Aaron Rodgers air attack. 385 yards thru the air and four touchdown passes isn’t enough when you only run the ball 19 times. Vikings Pull to 5-5.

Eagles barnstorm Saints. Philadelphia is finding ways to win. Running the ball 50 times for 242 yards certainly helps.

Washington continues winning streak.

Raiders fall flat to the surging Bengals

Cardinals push Seahawks to the bottom of the NFC West. Colt McCoy continues to impress.

Chargers win a Sunday night thriller against the Steelers. You could have missed the first three quarters and only watched the fourth quarter where both squads combined for a total of 41 points. 27 of those points were scored by the Steelers as they surged to overtake the Chargers. They succeeded but the Chargers still had some life left. Justin Herbert led his team thru the air and on the ground throwing for 382 yards and three touchdowns while rushing for 90 yards on nine carries. It was a performance for the ages, and it happened on Sunday Night in SOFI Stadium. Chargers improve to 6-4 and are one game behind the struggling Chiefs.

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