Watson & Watson Lead Chiefs to Win!

Watson & Watson Lead Chiefs to Win

It is not always the superstars that win a game. It is not always the superstars that rally the team. Sometimes all you need is someone just doing their job well on a consistent basis. Sometimes all you need is a team that believes in each other. Sometimes all you need is an opportunity and sometimes all you need is a little luck. Whatever it was, two unheralded and unknown players made the difference for the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. Justin Watson and Jaylen Watson are not superstars or household names. They are fifth round and seventh round picks respectively. However, their opportunistic play won the game for Chiefs this week.

With the game clock showing 9:58 in the 3rd quarter, the Chiefs found themselves down 17 to 7. It was not looking good for the hometown favorites. That’s right. The Chiefs were favored to win by four points this week at home. With roughly ten minutes left in the 3rd quarter, the Chiefs had to score on their first possession of the 2nd half, or the game was going to quickly get away from them. Patrick Mahomes led his squad to complete a couple of first downs. Then he passed the ball to Clyde Edwards Helaire who scampered for a 21-yard gain to put the ball on the Chargers 41-yard line. The Chargers defense had enough. They forced a 3rd and 10. This was obviously four down territory for the Chiefs. They needed to convert. They needed to find a way to score. On 3rd down Mahomes took the snap, and the pass rush forced him to step up into the pocket, sidestep a defender and when it looked like they were not going to convert, he found Justin Watson for a 41 yard touchdown. Watson was matched up against J.C. Jackson, arguably one of the best corner backs in the NFL. Watson ran a perfect route, forcing Jackson to turn his hips just enough to where Watson was able to get one step edge allowing him to secure the catch and run it in for the touchdown.

Chargers Chiefs Football

The Chargers were not scared. They were not even bothered. They came out and confidently when three and out. The Chiefs followed their example. In fact, both teams traded a few punts until the Chiefs managed a 19-yard field goal to tie the game. Then the Chargers went on the march. Justin Herbert methodically led the Bolts all the way down to the Chiefs one yard line in the first 4 minutes of the fourth quarter. It looked as if the Chargers were lining up to punch it in for the go-ahead score. Gerald Everett had just caught and ran the ball 26 yards and was tackled at the 1-yard line. He was gassed. He got up asking for a sub. Unfortunately, the Bolts offensive coordinator wanted to stay in the hurry up. It didn’t even look like Everett got the play call as he lined up in the slot. Herbert took the snap and threw to the spot Everett was supposed to be, however Everett was not there because he ran a lazy route due to his apparent lack of conditioning. Jaylon Watson, corner back for the Chiefs, was there though. He caught Herbert’s perfect spiral and ran the ball back 99 yards for a touchdown, giving the Chiefs the lead.

The Chiefs controlled the field the rest of the game. The Chargers did attempt a comeback. During their next drive, Justin Herbert was taken down hard by Mike Danna, requiring him to sit out a play. When he came back out on the field he was suffering. He threw two awful incompletes and I think we all thought he would not come back in the game. The Chiefs next drive netted a field goal, putting them ahead by two scores. Justin Herbert trotted back out on the field holding his side. He threw a couple of short passes that netted first downs. Every pass he threw looked like a herculean effort. Then the Chiefs defense forced a 3rd down. When we all thought Herbert would throw it short, he gamely threw a 35-yard strike. A few plays later he hit Joshua Palmer down the seam for a touchdown. That was their last score of the game.

The Chiefs capitalized on the Chargers earlier mistake. Jaylon Watson’s 99-yard interception return for a touchdown was the real nail in the coffin for the Chargers. However, the Chiefs were wearing on the Chargers. Before that game changing play, the defense had been harassing Justin Herbert thru out the third quarter. The hits were building up on him. Chris Jones came alive in the second half securing two timely sacks on Herbert. Though the Chiefs were down a cornerback, they figured out a way to win on defense.

Chargers Chiefs Football

Patrick Mahomes turned in his second game in a row where he threw to nine different receivers. The Chiefs miss Tyreek Hill. Patrick Mahomes warned us at the beginning of the season. He said the offense would feature a different guy every week. The Charger’s secondary is good enough to run zero coverage whenever they want. Zero coverage means no safeties are over the top and it allows for maximum pressure against the quarterback. The Chargers defensive backs did not fear the Chief’s receivers. Mahomes was forced to make a couple of specular baseball throws to gain the upper edge because the receivers struggled to separate from the Charger’s stingy secondary. However, Mahomes was ready when a receiver did separate. Justin Watson has speed and moves, and he showed them off as he juked Jackson to gain a step and ultimately a touchdown.

Mecole Hardman can stretch the field. However, his issue is that he does not consistently catch the ball. The reported stat line is that he was targeted four times and caught three, however my log indicates that he dropped two first down passes, instead of the one the yahoo stat line shows. Hardman must be more consistent at catching the ball. His speed is not enough.

The whole Chargers defense affected Mahomes throughout the game. Though he hit nine receivers he struggled at points in the game. The Chiefs punted four times in the first half. There were missed throws, errant throws and two dropped interceptions. Unfortunately, Mahomes struggled. Fortunately, the defense covered for those struggles.

Ultimately it was a great team win for the Chiefs. While the Chiefs may miss Tyreek, they are showing they don’t necessarily need him. Watson and Watson led them to victory this week. On to Indianapolis next week. Which Chief will shine next?

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