Tua Over Watson

Tua Over Watson

If your jaw dropped, hit the floor, and bounced back up to smack you in the face at the news that the Dolphins had been doing more than kicking the tires on a potential trade with the Texans for Deshaun Watson, you were not alone. What in the flying bleep are we doing considering a trade for Watson (all things considered)? Believe you me, after that Buffalo game to end last season, I was down on Tua just like everyone else. I was ready to make a deal for Watson, just like everyone else. We are a serviceable left tackle and a good quarterback away from being a bona fide Superbowl contender. I understand that and I see why the Dolphins want to win now. The window is open and it is zero dark thirty. Go time. I was all in. Bring Deshaun to Miami Gardens! But then the news broke about the allegations against Watson. That was it for me. Mission abort.

The guy (Watson) is an unquestioned talent on the field, but off the field he is highly radioactive and this organization doesn’t need to be associated in any way, shape, or form with the potential nuclear fallout to come. We had enough drama with Bully-gate to fulfill a fantastical farce for five future filial lifetimes of Fins fanatics. To make matters worse, Houston wants a King’s ransom for the former Clemson trigger man. They are pricing in no discounts for the fact that Watson may never wear the colors of the team that trades for him. Three first rounders, two second rounders, and a possible yet to be named player that almost certainly has the initials “T.T.”

Are the Texans trying to unload Watson’s baggage, get back a potential franchise QB, and recoup their draft picks from the Laremy Tunsil trade? Miami would get an instant reputation as being the league’s village idiots and we would have earned that moniker in tragic fashion if we execute this trade. No way the law firm of Flores, Grier, & Ross should go for this. Veto this trade straight away. It shouldn’t even be a consideration honestly. If the story is fraudulent, shoot it down in the strongest terms, no equivocations. If it is true, internally admonish the leakers, because there is no way the Dolphins wanted this story to get out. This is all bad news. With the training camp and preseason that young Tuanigamanuolepola just had, we should all be in unanimous agreement that at this juncture; it should definitely be Tua over Watson. Full stop.

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