Third Time might be the charm for Sark!

Wow! On Saturday, the Texas Longhorns thundered on to the scene in Austin. Their rushing attack was led by the dynamic Bijan Robinson, quite possibly the best back in college football. But the real story is Hudson Card. He was well prepared. The freshman quarterback led the Longhorn attack to 28 points thru 3 quarters. He quietly went 14/21 for 224 yards and two touchdowns. He had several critical throws to move the chains. He managed the game. He guided the offense with guts and precision. The game didn’t look too big for him. Maybe that is how he is made. Maybe it’s because how well he was prepared. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

This is Coach Steve Sarkisian’s third head coaching gig. He was the head coach at Washington from 2009 to 2013. After a successful stint with the Huskies, he was tapped to be USC’s head coach. That job ended unceremoniously. He moved on to spend time at Alabama before becoming the offensive coordinator with the Atlanta Falcons. He came back to Alabama wherein he masterminded the Crimson Tide Offense to a national championship in 2020. Now, he is in Austin, leading the proud tradition that is Texas football. His first game as the head coach was a resounding success. In coaching, the little things matter. Special Teams matter. In this game, one can look no further than the Cajuns kicking an onside kick in the 3rd quarter after scoring their first touchdown. Were the Longhorns surprised? Marginally. They jumped on the ball. Folks, that is coaching. That is remember the little things. That is making sure the little things are relayed to the players in a way that they will remember. Coach Sarkisian just showed us that the 3rd time is the charm and I predict he will be with the Longhorns for a very long time. The offense executed at a high level with a freshman quarterback at the helm. When Casey Thompson took over in the 4th quarter, the offense did not fall off. That is coaching. The offense committed little to no penalties. That is attention to detail. Who makes sure the players are prepared and paying attention? The coaches. Sark showed you what he is capable of. He showed you that the 3rd time is the charm!

This Longhorn offense is stocked with talent. The wide receiver corps is led by Jordan Whittington who had at least 7 catches for 113 yards. It did not matter who was under center, Whittington was getting open, catching balls, and running after the catch. After B. Robinson, the Longhorns had two other backs carry the ball over 15 times, split evenly between them. Make no mistake, the offense runs through B. Robinson. He had 20 carries for 103 yards, and 4 catches for 73 yards with two touchdowns. The Longhorns must manage B. Robinson’s touches and compliment him with the other talent that is on the team. All in all, this game gives Longhorn fans much to look forward to, this season and in the seasons t

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