Strike Three Jimmy G

Jimmy Garoppolo showed why Kyle Shanahan and company traded draft capital for Trey Lance.  Some may say the turning point in the game occurred when Trent Williams went down late in the third quarter with a lower leg injury.  However, Jimmy Garoppolo had already fumbled a snap away to the Broncos.  Later on, he stepped out of the back of the endzone for a safety.  Trent Williams was on the field for both plays.  Neither of those plays are Kyle Shanahan’s fault.  Neither of those plays fall on the shoulders of anyone else other than the quarterback.  Strike three occurred in the Niners second to last drive of the game where Jimmy Garoppolo thru the ball into double coverage, when he had a receiver matched up one with a linebacker on the outside.  Jimmy G tried to force the ball to Deebo Samuel and was rewarded with an interception.  It’s all good for Jimmy G because he will make his money this year.  He was all smiles at the end of the game.  So much for a team built ready for the playoffs.


Last week the team was excited for Jimmy G to come off the bench and help win the game.  They were excited because he performed well enough for them to win.  He is well liked in the locker room.  However, they all know he is limited.  He is not accurate.  He makes poor decisions.  Occasionally he has a butt fumble.  Jimmy G simply isn’t the future of this team.  Who knows if Trey Lance is…but we must wait till next year to find that out.


The defense played lights out on the road.  They harassed Russell Wilson all game long.  They played with smothering coverage.  They smacked Broncos around.  Rookie Drake Jackson collected his first sack of the season while Nick Bosa continued to add to his total with a ninja kick.  The Niner defense only allowed Wilson one drive wherein he displayed just enough heroics to score a touchdown and win the game by one point.  They can hardly be blamed for the loss.  They did their part.


Jimmy Garoppolo had multiple chances to extend drives and make plays.  However, he  frequently threw to the wrong receiver.  Additionally he under threw or overthrew his receivers.  Early in the first quarter he flat out missed a read wherein Deebo Samuel ran thru busted coverage and was wide open.  Instead, Jimmy G under threw the ball to a different receiver.  Jimmy G was inaccurate and made poor decisions.


Denver’s new defensive coordinator was salivating at the idea of playing Jimmy Garoppolo.  He is very familiar with the 49ers since he spent the last five years with the Rams as a defensive assistant.  He told the media crew that he wasn’t going to let Deebo Samuel or George Kittle beat him.  He accomplished his goal.  Conversely Russell Wilsons familiarity with the 49ers did not serve him as well as he spent most of the time misfiring or getting thrown into the dirt by Niner defenders.  Too bad the Niners offense could not execute with the same tenacity.


It is hard to say where the season goes from here.  Trent Williams injury could hold him out for weeks.  Without an athletic quarterback under center the offense is going to have to accommodate for lack of protection.  In the past, Kyle Shanahan has worked those problems out.  All we can hope is that he figures it out this season as well.  Next week it’s back home to face the LA Rams…

Update since the original writing:

I have heard it reported that Jimmy G’s excuse is that he didn’t play in the preseason and has only had the play book for a few weeks.  That is an excuse for a rookie or a first year player with a team.  That is NOT an excuse for a player who has played with a team for four years.  It is NOT an excuse for a player who has led the team to the NFC Championship and a Super Bowl.  Jimmy G was all smiles at the end of the game.  I don’t know why.  He played about as poorly as a quarterback could.  His lack of preseason snaps does not cure a butt fumble, a self imposed safety and an interception into double coverage.  Coach Shanahan has his work cut out for him as he works to scheme week to week to Jimmy G’s strengths and the opposing defenses weaknesses.

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