Purdy Wins in Third Start

Brock Purdy is the first 49ers rookie quarterback to win his first three starts.  He had plenty of help from the defense and the rest of the offense.  Yet, he still had to deliver the throws asked of him.  Completing 15 of 22 throws for 234 yards and two touchdowns against a playoff defense is no mean feat.  His lone interception was not his fault.  He hit Juan Jennings right in the hands, but Jennings let the ball bounce off his hands and into a defender’s hands for a turnover.  The Commanders rush defense was on point and held the running backs to a mere 76 yards rushing on 24 carries.  Wide Receiver Ray Ray McCloud had the loan explosive run for 71 yards and a touchdown.  Purdy was asked to deliver on his throws, and he did.


Ups and Downs

Brock Purdy’s first half performance was paltry.  He only completed four out of nine attempts for 55 yards and an interception.   He didn’t let that get him down.  Coach Shanahan had him come out of half time firing the ball down the field.  He completed back-to-back 13-yard throws to Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle.  He ended the drive with a 34-yard dart to Kittle in the end-zone.  He saw Kittle wide open and fired the ball with authority.


Defense Setting the Board

The 49ers defense set up the next score by winning a fourth and one on the Commanders 34-yard line.  Two plays later and Purdy executes a bootleg connecting with Kittle, who jukes and slides his way back to the end-zone.  This was Kittle’s fourth touchdown in two games.


Turnover Heaven

In the first six minutes of the fourth quarter the 49ers scored three field goals.  The last two scores came off turnovers.  The first turnover was a sack and forced fumble by Nick Bosa.  Jordan Willis collected the loose ball in the air and the 49ers only had 11 yards to go to score.  Jimmy Ward intercepted Taylor Henicke on the very next possession.  Once again, the defense’s efforts were rewarded with another field goal.


Back to the Original

Carson Wentz came in and attempted to inject some juice into the Commanders offense.  He succeeded in leading a touchdown drive.  The 49ers answered with a touchdown drive of their own.  It was fourth and three and it looked like the 49ers would kick their fourth field goal in a row.  Instead, Coach Shanahan calls a timeout and dials up a pass play.  Purdy took the snap and drove the ball into Kittle’s hands for a ten-yard gain on the Commanders one yard line.  McCaffrey scored on the next play.


In Sum

Overall, the defense played lights out.  They had a goal line stand in the first half which was their second of the year.  The Niners offense answered that goal line stand with a 71-yard touchdown run from Ray Ray McCloud. Unfortunately, the Niners defense got tired in the second half.  Jahan Dotson, Curtis Samual and Terry McLaurin were all significant problems to deal with.  They each managed a touchdown reception.  Despite that the 49ers held the Commanders to a mere 79 yards rushing.  Nick Bosa got to the quarterback three times but only two counted as the third was during an extra point.

On offense George Kittle and Brandon Aiyuk stood out as consistent pass catchers for Purdy.  The 49ers really missed Jordan Mason.  Tyrion Davis-Price showed some progress in his game with some of the difficult runs he made.

Lastly, Brock Purdy played thru adversity.  He was intercepted on a play that was not his fault.  He had a couple of his passes batted down in the first half.  He took a few sacks.  He had to lead his team off their own 1-yard line.  Lastly, he was tasked to lead the offense down the field to start the second half in a tie ball game.  Purdy answered the call every time.  He never faltered or wavered.  Ultimately this was a great team win led by Brock Purdy.  Now it’s on to Las Vegas.

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