Preventable Gut-Wrenching Loss

Preventable Gut-Wrenching Los

Success usually occurs when preparation and opportunity meet. Jimmy Garoppolo puts up great stats. He has shown that he can be a clutch quarterback. However, it takes him forever to get started. That is the difference in this game. The Niners first three possessions were punt, punt, and then an interception. Conversely the Packers first three possessions were touchdown, field goal and a punt. Jimmy G also has a propensity to make at least one bone headed play a game. Today, late in the fourth, instead of taking a sack he attempts to make a play and throws it backward where the Packer defensive line promptly jumped on it. The defense held the Packers to a field goal, but it made the score 27 to 21 in favor of the Packers. Jimmy G lead the Niners down the field to score a touchdown on the next possession, but he left 37 seconds on the clock. During his journey to score the last Niners touch down he converted two 3rd and 10s. Clutch plays at the end of the game were not enough to win. They were not enough to win because the offense didn’t execute in the first three possessions. The Niners should have won this game. A depleted secondary and depleted running back room are not excuses. Sunday’s loss is chalked up to lack of execution.

Aaron Rodgers and Coach Lafleur desperately needed this win. Aaron Rodgers has endured a lot of scrutiny. Some the scrutiny is his own fault. Some of the scrutiny falls on the shoulders of the Packers management. Sunday night’s game was a match made in heaven for Rodgers. He took advantage of a Niners depleted secondary throwing darts and back shoulder throws to Devonte Adams all night long. Some might argue that Adams should have been doubled all night long. Even a double team cannot defeat the perfect back shoulder throw.

On defense the Packers did a good job stopping the run, forcing the Niners to throw early. They held the Niners rushing attack to a mere 67 yards. The Niners should have been prepared for the Packers defensive game plan because they are down three running backs. Everyone else in the league knew that. Apparently the Niners brass forgot. The Packers defense also put pressure on Jimmy G at key moments in the game. Right Tackle Mike McGlinchey was a liability at times. His play must improve or opposing defenses will continue to crash down on his side especially since Trent Williams is an immovable wall.

Another key to the Packers victory was three pass interference penalties. All three penalties occurred on 3rd downs. The balls were uncatchable on two of those throws, but the penalties were called anyway. The NFL is a passing league. The Niners secondary needs to tighten it up and figure it out.

The Niners defense had a chance to win the game in the last 37 seconds. Rodgers may be a MVP quarterback but everyone in the stadium knows who is security blanket is on his team. The Niners let Devonte Adams run free allowing him to catch a 25 yarder and a 17-yarder moving the Packers into field goal position. Management of the final seconds of Sunday’s game isn’t on Coach Shanahan. Defensive Coordinator Demeco Ryans learned an important lesson. Prevent defense doesn’t work when you are defending against the league MVP, especially when he only needs to guide his team to field goal range.

The Niners team culture kept them in Sunday’s game. They believe in each other. They believe in Coach Shanahan. They stormed back from a seventeen-point deficit and stayed in the game right to the very end. There should not have been a deficit. However, the fact that the Niners stayed in the fight shows they have what it takes to win. They just need to be more consistent in executing their offense. Thankfully this game is early in the season. Next week the Niners host a 1-2 Seahawks who will be hungry to get to 500. For now, the 49ers are 3rd in the NFC West at 2-1.

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