OT Golden Boot Win!

The Boot

Coach Sam Pittman is turning things around in Fayetteville. He is doing it his way and his way is working! When you love what you do, and it doesn’t feel like work, it is easier to be successful. When love where you live, it feels like home, and it is easier to be successful. Coach Pittman loves where he lives and what he does, and Razorback Nation is now the beneficiary of his efforts.

Saturday’s game was another classic SEC defensive battle. LSU held the Razorbacks to a mere three points in the first half while they scored ten of their own. In the second half, the roles literally switched with Arkansas scoring ten points to LSU’s three forcing an overtime.

The LSU defense swarmed and harassed KJ Jefferson most of the game. Yet, he found a way to lead the Razorbacks to victory. He will be spending time in the ice-tub after this game. He only gained 41 yards on 15 carries, and his passing stats were a paltry 142 yards thru the air with a touchdown. The key to the game for the Razorbacks offense was they didn’t commit a turnover. KJ Jefferson took care of the ball. There were several plays where he pinballed around hapless LSU defenders and he would find a receiver down the field. Jefferson’s best play came in the 3rd quarter when he brushed off several LSU defenders, tip toed around a few more and launched a strike to Dominique Johnson for a 43-yard touchdown. It was a heckuva a play and it put the Razorbacks ahead by 3 points.

While the Razorbacks didn’t commit any turnover’s, they forced a few. LSU lost a fumble in the first half and the Razorbacks forced an interception in the 3rd quarter which was turned into three more points for the Razorbacks. Given that this game was a defensive slug fest, it was fitting that the Razorbacks essentially ended the game in overtime with an interception in the endzone. All the offense had to do was get the ball in position for the kicker to make the game winning kick.

This is the first time the Golden Boot has changed hands in five years. The fact that Arkansas took the trophy from LSU in Death Valley was priceless. This is yet another signature win for Coach Pittman. This will continue to help with recruiting. This win will continue to build confidence in the younger players in the program. We shall see how far their confidence carries them as they head to Tuscaloosa next week.

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