NFL Week 1 Roll Up!


The NFC West Dominated Sunday Football. The 49ers were up 24 points on Detroit before sitting their starters on Defense with about 4 minutes to go in the game. Shanahan will never admit that he sat his defensive stars to avoid more injuries. Seeing Verrett go down was sobering. The Niners finally decided to redeploy the big boys and they proceeded to smash the Detroit starting offense to end the game. As for the rest of the NFC West, what a start! Arizona out muscled a physical Titans team. 5 Sacks for Chandler Jones? What?!! JJ Watt’s impact is instant. You can’t block Watt and Jones at the same time. This duo is going to give everyone fits. Kyler did his thing on offense as well. Seattle chugged along and beat a respectable Colts squad. The Seahawks featured KSU Alum Tyler Lockett who burned up the Colts defense with 4 catches 100 yards and 2 touchdowns. The day was ended with the Rams showing up and showing out at So Fi Stadium. Those poor Bears didn’t know what hit them. The Rams offense is dynamic. They have playmakers all over the field and Stafford knows how to deal. Cooper Kupp was his security blanket though, snagging 7 catches for 108 yards and a touchdown. Know one wants to play the NFC West. Heck, the NFC West doesn’t want to play the NFC West, because when they do its Clash of the Titans!

Now for the rest of the NFL

1. Chiefs win late. Baker Mayfield looked crisp until the end of the game. The Chiefs defense finally decided to play football in the 4th quarter, helping secure the win. Mahomes did Mahomie things all game long.

2. Eagles Smash the Dirty Birds. This cock fight wasn’t even a contest. Jalen Hurts but a hurtin’ on the Falcons. Niners have their work cut out for them next week.

3. Burrows leads Bengals to Week 1 glory in OT.

4. Broncos Buck Giants as Bridgewater shines brightly!

5. Packers learned what “Oh When the Saints Go Marching In” means. Famous Jameis torched the hapless Packer defense for 5 touch downs. Aaron Rodgers played like a lame duck. Week 1 Jitters? All in his head about the pending breakup? Aaron spent too much time in the interview booth telling his story and not enough time studying film getting ready for this Saints game. His touchdown to interception ratio for 2021 is in the toilet. Let’s see if that gets his attention.

6. Tua wins battle of the Crimson Tide Quarterbacks…for now

7. Steelers stun Bills IN BUFFALO!

8. Panthers swat the Jets in a REVENGE game for Darnold.

9. WELCOME TO THE NFL URBAN MEYER! THERE ARE NO CUPCAKE GAMES! Everyone thought the Texans were a cupcake…but that was obviously a mistake. There has been so much drama surrounding this team and the Texans still handed Trevor Lawrence his first regular season loss.

10. Charger’s luck into a win against the Redskins. Herbert slung it but the Chargers need to figure out how to get a run game going or they are going to wear their young signal caller out.

11. Brady Beats Cowboys at the Buzzer! Too much time left on the clock for the GOAT to go get another game winner.

12. Raiders Bumble into an Overtime Win in their Home Opener.

13. AFC West 4-0. NFC West 4-0. It’s good to be out west!

14. Peyton and Eli analyzing and wise cracking is GOLD!

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