NFL Roll Up, Week 2

NFL Roll Up, Week 2

Monday Night was redemption night for Aaron Rodgers. I dare say he wore the Green Bay Packer fan base out with his antics this summer. I like Aaron Rodgers. I get him. He is highly intelligent. He has elite talent. He is also a man with a massive chip on his shoulder. He never forgets a slight. His doubters motivate him to be great. Don’t let his seemingly laissez faire attitude fool you. There is critical thinking, calculating, and assessing going on behind those cool, yet piercing blue eyes. Everyone blew the Saints loss out of proportion.

Certainly, an off-season hangover loomed large over the Packers first game. It was evident from their performance. Coach LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers kept their cool. They relaxed. They went to work and prepared for Detroit. Thankfully their bounce back game was at home against a rebuilding Lions team. Yet, that Lions team has some fight in them. They came out swinging and tied the Packers twice in the first half. Detroit ended the first half leading the Packers 17 to 14.

In the second half, Detroit was reminded that Football is a 60-minute sport. Jared Goff was introduced to Lambeau magic. He watched Aaron Rodgers deliver strikes at critical moments in the game. Rodgers looked to have gained his confidence back. Don’t be fooled though. Detroit’s secondary is young, inexperienced, and deficient in elite talent. Rodgers took the first half to figure that out. In the second half he carved them up.

We all will learn where Aaron Rodgers is really at when he travels to Levi’s for a Sunday night date with the 49ers. The game will be close, but I have a feeling the 49ers will frustrate Rodgers again. Green Bay will need to establish a good run game to have a shot at playing with the 49ers. Here is the rest of my week two NFL Roll Up!

1. Bet on Black! Vegas Wins Again!

2. Brady and Gronk live again! Is this de ja vu?

3. Dallas gets lucky in Sofi. Chargers defeat themselves.

4. Lamar Jackson finally defeats the Chiefs…in style!

5. Belichick takes advantage of a rookie quarterback again.

6. Titans ride Henry into overtime for the win! Seahawks lose at home….

7. Murray breaks 400 passing yards in a 1-point victory.

8. Defense gets a vote as the Niners edge a scrappy Eagles team in Philly.

9. Rams edge Indy on the road. Are the Rams as good as the hype?

10. Buffalo fells Tua and the Dolphins….literally.

11. Darnold impresses against the Saints. His replacement threw 4 interceptions.

12. Browns defeat the Texans…as they should.

13. Giants lose by a point

14. Roquan Smith’s Pick Six leads the Bears to victory after the Red Rifle went down.

15. Broncos are undefeated. Trevor Lawrence is still looking for victory.

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