Michigan Pummels Nebraska

Michigan is on a mission.  Today the Wolverines came out and defeated Nebraska in Lincoln.  They played bully ball and smashed the Cornhuskers into submission.  Sitting at 5 and 0, Michigan has yet to play a premier program this year.  The question remains, how good is this team?

Michigan’s depth and consistent beat downs of lesser opponents has them sitting at number two in the nation.  The Wolverines are doing what they are supposed to be doing, winning handily.  The challenge for Michigan is to avoid complacency.

Some may say that Michigan isn’t as good as their number two ranking, citing the competition they have played.  While that may be true, it discounts the fact that Michigan is a back-to-back Big 10 Champion who everyone in their conference wants a shot at knocking off the pedestal.  Everyone is going to bring their A-game against the Wolverines.  Thus far, everyone’s A-game is a pitiful effort.

Michigan beats you in the trenches.  They are one of the deepest teams on the offensive and defensive line of scrimmage.  They can rotate up to 20 different defensive linemen in a game, and they are ALL effective.  Their offensive line is seasoned.  They play with a nastiness that overshadows their elite technical ability.  Thus far, Michigan hasn’t had to dig deep into the playbook because they simply overpower their opponents.  When they do decide to pass it, J.J. McCarthy has shown that he spent time in the off season improving his game.  He makes great decisions and throws accurately from the pocket as well as on the run.

Today, J.J. McCarthy had one questionable throw.  McCarthy capped off their first offensive drive with a 29-yard heave to Roman Wilson.  He was in double coverage and as he went up to catch the ball, the defender was in his face.  Wilson reached out collected the ball and held against the helmet of the defender as they fell to the ground.  The throw was ill advised as it was thrown into double coverage.  The catch will be on highlight reels for weeks to come.  Later in the game McCarthy rolled to against the grain and Roman Wilson mirrored his movement as he sprinted along the back of the end-zone.  McCarthy rocketed the ball on the run to Wilson for another touchdown connection.  It was a perfect read, throw and catch.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh celebrates after a touchdown against Nebraska during the first half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023, in Lincoln, Neb. (AP Photo/Rebecca S. Gratz)

Coach Jim Harbaugh is very conscious of the health of his players.  Michigan plays a brutally physical brand of football.  He wants to ensure that his very best players make it to the end of the season.  He executed a great rotation within his backfield to keep his back’s fresh.  Harbaugh’s rotation resulted in 249 yards on the ground.

The Wolverines are a deep, seasoned veteran squad that looks to run thru the Big 10 on their way to the championship game.  Coach Harbaugh will keep his team focused.  Losing to TCU is motivation for success this year.  Michigan’s squad could be college football’s best hope to knock the SEC off the championship podium.





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