Miami is the Real Mafia

The Miami Dolphins are a global brand with a national fanbase that for twenty years have disappointed its fanbase to no end. Dolfans have had to sit through the hurt and pain of failed quarterback after failed quarterback and coaching change after coaching change while watching the Tom Brady Patriots dominate the division since Bill Clinton was “il Capo.” The last few times the Dolphins have started off with a record of three wins and zero losses did not feel this way. They did not feel legitimate and ended up fizzling out at the end of the season as we all predicted they would. These 2022 Dolphins have knocked off the Bill Belichick led New England Patriots, the John Harbaugh led Baltimore Ravens (who many people are picking to make a deep run in the AFC playoffs), and the most complete team in the NFL and Buffalo Bills. The Bills were almost everyone’s Super Bowl favorites after a heartbreaking loss saw them eliminated from the playoffs last season and they have returned looking like a team on the mission. Just last week, people were asking if they were a team of destiny capable of besting the Dolphins perfect season record? This week the Miami Mafia answered that question with a resounding “no.”

With that stage set, it made for a blockbuster showdown on Sunday at Hard Rock between the Dolphins and the Bills, and the Dolphins won in dramatic fashion. These Dolphins have won all three of their games in diverse ways while not playing at their highest level against competition of the highest levels. The reason I say that “Miami is the real Mafia” is because since the loud and epic “3-2-1” countdown from the crazy crowd at Hard Rock to end the game with the Dolphins winning 21-19, all I have heard are excuses from the so-called Buffalo “Mafia” fanbase. Mafias execute plans; they do not make excuses. The Buffalo fanbase and their new media allies at ESPN and FS1 keep reminding us of how many injuries the Bills had on defense. Like the reason that Josh Allen could only score 17 points was because Hyde and Poyer were out. They keep telling us that Jordan Phillips was out. We here in Miami know all about Jordan “sometimes I play hard sometimes I don’t” Phillips. We drafted the guy. Injuries are part of football. Next man up. You play with the squad you have. The Dolphins should not have to apologize for their players being more acclimated to the heat and being hydrated better.

You want to talk about injuries? How about the Dolphins playing with a backup right tackle, back up right guard, banged up left tackle, and Tua (our QB1) got knocked out of the game for a while in the 2nd quarter. If Josh Allen ever got knocked out for a portion of a game, the Bills would not know what to do with themselves because he is 80% of their offense. Have you heard of Kader Kohou? The undrafted rookie has had to play a lot because top 10 corner Byron Jones has not played a snap all season. Nick Needham and safety Brandon Jones have taken turns playing slot and outside corner, which is not their natural positions. Xavien Howard was in and out of that game with a groin injury and cramps, so Crossen had to play many snaps. Have you ever heard of Crossen? Did not think so. Yet still, the Dolphins defense, who had to defend the Bills offense on 90 opportunities with over 40 minutes of game time in that intense heat, stood tall, didn’t fold, and had to fight to the end. No excuses. That’s the sign of a true mafia. Tua came back in the game after a cheap shot from Matt Milano when no one thought he was coming back. Hurt back and all, Tua hit Waddle on a 45-yard bomb that was sweet enough to get carried in on the Enola Gay B-29. Instead of making excuses, Tua held the boundary safety with his eyes and then split the safeties with a perfect deep throw and scored another touchdown to take the lead when his team needed it. Tua only had 18 drop-back opportunities and only 7 drives, but he is a master of efficiency. He made the most of his opportunities as he always does. A consistent feature of this Miami offense is the fact that every other drive (50% of their drives) they score touchdowns. That is how a team that only takes 39 snaps beats a team that takes 90 snaps and out gains them by over 280 yards. That is the sign of a true mafia consigliere.

The Bills fans wanted— actually they needed an excuse to escape western New York in the waning days of September. We appreciate the tourism and their business, but do not be disrespectful to your gracious hosts.  This is unbecoming of Bills fans. Take your “L” with some pride. Your team fought through full body cramps and entertained us all until the very end. Do not bring shame to your household by making excuses about the heat. The Bills came to Miami last season in hotter conditions, destroyed the Dolphins and injured Tua by cracking his ribs. No one was complaining about the heat then. No one made excuses for the Dolphins losing because we had to finish the game with Jacoby Brissett. I have heard Bills fans saying that the Dolphins should not be allowed to have heaters when we visit them in December. News flash Bills fans, the Bills had shaded tents, air conditioning fans, and intravenous fluid bags to get them through the day. The Dolphins defense just outlasted them. Maybe next season you should use this as an extra excuse to come enjoy our beaches for longer and make the trip to Miami longer than just a few days to get acclimated to the heat. As a wise man and close friend of mine said “it’s football princess.” So, stop whining and acting all insecure. If you’re truly a mafia, then act like one. The Bills may still be the most complete team in the NFL, but it is clear that Miami is the real Mafia. We are on to Cincinnati on Thursday night. Fins up!

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