Dallas Defense Leads the Way


Divisional games are often the most difficult. The teams know each other well. There is a rivalry. Playoff seeding is almost always on the line. This week was no different for the Cowboys and the Giants. The Dallas defense was the difference in Sunday’s game. They put a spark in the team that Dak Prescott and the offense fed off of.

In December you want to run the ball well. You want to play good defense. Often, games are played in the cold, just like Sunday’s game at Met Life Stadium. Dak still isn’t quite right, but the run game kept him in the game. Dallas remained committed to the run and it paid off. It shortened the game and it collected 125 yards and a touchdown. Still, the Cowboys offense struggles with balance. Dak threw the ball 37 times, which was seven more times than the Cowboys ran the ball. 37 passes, and 30 run plays. That play distribution continues to put an obviously injured Dak Prescott at risk. As of now, it does not appear to be a winning formula for playoff football. The Giants are not Tampa Bay, Green Bay and whoever comes out of the NFC West.

Once again, the Dallas defense performed at a high level. Trevon Diggs collected his 10th interception of the season. The rest of the defense forced an additional three turnovers. The Dallas Cowboys have forced four takeaways in each of the last three games. Forcing turnovers is a key to the Cowboy’s consistent success over the last three weeks. Forcing turnovers deny’s the opposition the ability to score. Forcing turnovers gives the ball to your offense, affording them the opportunity to attempt to score or at the very least drain the clock. That is exactly how Sunday’s game worked out.

Though Dak isn’t a 100% yet, he played better this week than he has over the past few weeks. He will need to continue to improve for the Cowboys to have any kind of run in the playoffs. His favorite target on Sunday was Dalton Schultz, who has quietly put together a nice season at the tight end position. He has already at a personal best of 651 receiving yards and eight touchdowns with three games to go in the season. His efforts on Sunday were needed with the inconsistent play of Amari Cooper and Micheal Gallup. Meanwhile the best wide receiver of the day was CeeDee Lamb with six catches for 50 yards. The second-year man has already reached his personal best of 940 yards and six touchdowns with three games to go.

Dallas faces the Washington football team next. The game will be the day after Christmas. Washington is still in the playoff hunt and will bring their A game. However, they will be on a short week since they play the Browns on Tuesday night. Next Sunday’s game should be advantage Dallas.

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