Cowboys Shine on MNF PLUS Week 3’s NFL Roll Up!

Dak shed a tear before the game started. Rightfully so. That last time he was on his home field he was carried off in a stretcher. His battle was long, arduous, and ultimately successful. He persevered and overcame tremendous adversity. He did not have eye popping numbers on Monday night. However, he was extremely efficient. 21 completions out of 26 throws for 238 yards and 3 touchdowns was all he needed. His one questionable play occurred during the Cowboys 2nd possession after the defense turned the ball over on downs. He was pressured and he carelessly lost control of the ball. It ended up in Fletcher Cox’s hands for an Eagles touchdown. Even MVP candidates are not perfect.

Cowboys finally got the run game going. Zeke played like a 50 million dollar running back. He ran hard for 95 yards and two touchdowns. He was fired up from all the negative aspersions thrown his way. The Cowboys ability to establish an effective run game allowed Dak make key throws when he needed to. Monday night was offensive complimentary football at its finest.

The Cowboys pass rush ran Jalen Hurts all over the field. His slipperiness only allowed the Cowboys to snag him for two sacks though. The defensive play of the game came in the second quarter when Trevon Diggs picked of Hurts off and ran it 59 yards for a touchdown. Dan Quinn’s system is starting to take hold for the Cowboys. He is moving Micah Parsons around the field to maximize his talents. Jayron Kearse jumped off the screen again as he led the Cowboys in tackles on Monday night. The Cowboys pass defense has a bend don’t break mentality. This is one of the hall marks of the defense Dan Quinn took from Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. They gave up 326 yards. However, they forced two interceptions and only allowed two passing touchdowns. One of those touchdowns came when the game was already decided.

For now, the Cowboys lead the NFC East. After tonight’s performance, I don’t see the Giants, Washington or the Eagles catching up to them. The NFC East appears to be the Cowboy’s kingdom this season.

Peyton and Eli’s broadcast of Monday Night Football is an absolute hit. They have great guests who are candid. During the first week we were privileged to see how bright Russell Wilson really is. He was predicting plays, calling shots and he was rarely wrong. This week featured Matthew Stafford, Lebron James, Nick Saban and Chris Long. Eli Manning ended up being the clown of the show. First, he attempted to imitate Dak’s pregame hip work out while singing “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira. Perhaps the funniest moment of the whole show occurred when Chris Long came on. Eli started describing how rabid the Eagles fans when he chose to show us the double bird. It wasn’t blurred out. It was impromptu. It was hilarious. You gotta love unscripted cable TV! We need more Peyton and Eli commenting on football. They bring smart perspective as well as some great comic relief!

Now, here is the Week 3 NFL Roll Up!

1. Greenbay Foils 49ers Home opener. It was a preventable gut-wrenching loss for the Niners. They start NFC West play next week when they host the Seahawks.

2. Chiefs are 1-2. It’s not time to panic…yet. Justin Herbert and the Chargers have revived the rivalry.

3. Rams bully the Buccaneers. Stafford took advantage of the depleted Buccaneer secondary.

4. Vegas Wins Again. Bet on Vegas when they hit overtime. They are 2-0 in overtime games this year and 3-0 overall.

5. Jets blanked. Wilson only threw two interceptions this week. Broncos surprise the NFL at 3-0! Vic Fangio is showing his coaching prowess. Are they for real or beneficiaries of a favorable schedule?

6. Did anyone predict the AFC West after Week three would be as follows:

a. Raiders 3-0
b. Broncos 3-0
c. Chargers 2-0
d. Chiefs 1-2

7. Sam Darnold impresses against Houston. But its Houston….

8. Panthers are 3-0….who knew?

9. 66 Yard field goal kick gets Tucker the record and the Ravens Win! Should the kick have been allowed? Was it a delay of game?

10. Mac Jones threw more interceptions than Jameis Winston…3 more in fact.

11. Justin Fields was sacked 9 times…..but Baker was sacked 5 times. Fields was humbled by the Browns swarming defense throwing 6/20 and 68 yards. The Bears are woeful at the offensive line. Baker is fortunate he has a GREAT running game and an even better defense. His day went marginally well. Chubb and Hunt both went over 80 yards rushing.

12. Josh Allen quiets doubters as he leads the Bills to a Washington beat down.

13. Cardinals win a close game against the Jags late.

14. NFC West and AFC West continue to dominate. Two teams each are 3-0.

15. Cardinals, Rams, Panthers, Raiders and Broncos are all 3-0.

16. Dolphins lose a heartbreaker in another instant classic against the Raiders. People are still buzzing about the amazing game from last season and this game might have been even better. Conservative play calling and a missed defensive pass interference ultimately did the Fins in. Maybe we should have these two teams play a seven-game series like they do in the NBA. That would be “must see” TV!

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