Colorado Embarrassed in Eugene

Colorado has already exceeded expectations.  Today, Oregon showed Colorado how far they have yet to go.  The main issue for the Buffaloes is the trenches.  They lack talent and depth on the offensive and defensive lines.  They have excellent skill players, but if you don’t win in the trenches, you don’t win football games.

Shedeur Sanders was sacked seven times for a loss of 73 yards.  Further, the rushing attack gained a paltry 40 yards.  Still, Sanders never made the big mistake.  In fact, he put his team in good position to score on several occasions, however a combination of holding penalties and sacks killed promising drives.

The offensive coordinator for the Buffaloes called a terrible game.  Oregon has excellent pass rushers and great press-man corners.  The offensive coordinator failed to account for these realities in his play calling.  He didn’t call any screens, draws, swing passes or quick slants.  Early in the game the play calls centered around long developing routes, needlessly stressing a in experienced offensive line.  Hopefully for Colorado’s sake, the tape will teach the coach’s as much as the players a lesson.

Oregon is a seasoned talented football team.  They have talent on the parameter and experience in the trenches.  Bo Nix had a clean pocket to throw in most of the game.  The Ducks mixed in the run game effectively as well.  Still, the Colorado defense forced Nix to throw an interception.  This turned out to be one of the defensive highlights of the game for Colorado.  Oregon’s defense is fast, aggressive and smart.  Though they sacked Sanders seven times, they failed to force an interception.

Oregon’s efforts were helped by Colorado’s twelve penalties for 105 yards.  Most of those penalties either killed Colorado drives or extended Oregon offensive drives.  There were several points where the Colorado defense forced a fourth down, but a penalty gave Oregon the conversion anyway.  The game would have likely been closer but for the penalties.

Oregon would do well not to get too high off this win.  Colorado will lick their wounds and learn from their mistakes.  Though the dearth in talent between the squads was evident, both teams played with a high amount of effort despite the lopsided score.  Colorado has USC next week while Oregon travels to Stanford.  Colorado is likely in for another tough lesson while Oregon hopes to avoid a trap game after today’s emotional win.




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