College Football Roll Up (9-11-21)

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Kansas State may have lost Skylar Thompson for the season. If that is the case, the Wildcats will struggle. On Saturday, in Thompson’s absence, Deuce Vaughn lead the Wildcats to a 31 to 23 win on 26 carries for 120 yards and 3 touchdowns. Vaughn’s effort was needed after Thompson went down with yet another knee injury. The Wildcats future this year is in doubt. Quarterback play will have to improve drastically in Thompson’s absence for the Wildcats to continue to be relevant this year.

Michigan took on Washington at home. They won 31-10. However, the score is deceiving. The game was a defensive battle in the first half. Michigan survived the first half of the game relying on their suffocating defense and their power run game. Lack of consistency from the quarterback position continues to plague the Wolverines. Additionally, the Wolverines continue to commit too many penalties. This is indicative of lack of preparation as well as a lack of accountability. Jim Harbaugh is failing the Wolverines in not holding his players more accountable for their mistakes. Yet, in spite of that players like Blake Corum and Hassan Haskins continue to carry the Wolverines offense. The Wolverines will need to tighten up to have a shot at beating the Buckeyes, and Michigan State.

Here is the rest of my roll up.

1. Airforce Flew Over Navy 23 to 3

2. Gamecocks Beat the Seminoles. No…not those Gamecocks…Jacksonville State!

3. Miami Survives the Michigan Slayer

4. Clemson is one win away from the South Carolina State Championship…

5. USC is beat by the Tree

6. Razorbacks Burn Texas. This is a signature win for Sam Pittman.

7. Alabama slams a Cupcake

8. Georgia Slays the Dragon

9. Texas A&M number 10, eh? That’s a head scratcher. Aggies Edge the Buffaloes 10-7….

10. Jayhawks embarrassed by Coastal Carolina

11. Sooners redeem last week’s performance by scoring 76 points on Western Carolina. Wait? I am sorry. Who is Western Carolina?

12. Ducks Humble Day and the Buckeyes

13. 14, 15 and 19 felled by unranked teams.

14. Notre Dame ALMOST loses to…wait for it….Toledo. Maybe Coach Kelly was right about threatening executions.

15. Iowa isn’t a pretender….yet.

16. Iowa State is…overrated.

17. Michigan State Impresses Again

18. Virgina skewers Illinois. They might be on the rise…

19. BYU edges Utah.

20. Gators, Tarheels, Sun Devils, Bearcats, Nittany Lions, Badgers, Auborn and Ole Miss defeat subpar competition.

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