Chiefs Stunned by Indy

The Kansas City Chiefs have issues.  The Colts exposed their offense.  The Chiefs couldn’t run the ball.  The Chiefs lack a deep threat to consistently stretch the field.  The Chief’s kicking game is nonexistent.  The Chiefs failed to play complimentary football.  The Chiefs have a lot of clean up.


You cannot hope to win football games on a consistent basis with Patrick Mahomes as your leading rusher.  The Indianapolis Colts were without their leading tackler Darius Leonard and yet they held the Chiefs to 58 yards rushing.  Mahomes scrambled for 26 of those yards.  You cannot hope to win football games on a consistent basis when you fail to convert on third downs.  The Chiefs converted only three of ten third down opportunities.  You can’t hope to win football games on a consistent basis when you commit penalties at critical points in the game.  With five minutes to go, the Chiefs sacked Matt Ryan for an eight-yard loss on third down.  As Chris Jones was getting off the pile, he said something that drew a flag.  With five minutes to go in the game you cannot give a desperate veteran quarterback a chance to win because they will exploit the chance as the Matt Ryan did on Sunday afternoon.


The Chiefs offense lacked energy.  Their offensive line play was inconsistent as evidenced by Mahomes having to scramble around to make plays.  The line could not run block or pass protect, and Mahomes still managed 257 yards thru the air.  The Chiefs have become too dependent on Mahomes to win football games.  He has broad shoulders.  He is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now.  He still needs help.  He needs help from the play callers to get his receivers in favorable matchups.  His receivers need to catch balls that are thrown to them. Only Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Mecole Hardman caught all the passes thrown their way.    Travis Kelce dropped a touchdown and as well as several go ahead first downplays.  Mahomes needs help from the defense.  The Chief’s defense wasn’t terrible.  Their biggest issues center on unforced errors culminating in penalties.  Lastly the Chiefs need to establish the run game.  They drafted a power back.  They need to scheme to maximize his talents.  Laslty, Mahomes needs help from the special teams.  Everyone calls Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.  Go back and look at how many Super Bowls he won on the strength of a kicker’s leg.  The Chiefs need to take their special teams more seriously.  Find another kicker to stand in for Harrison Butker.  To win on a consistent basis, the Chiefs must play complimentary football in all three phases of the game.  They failed to do that against the Colts.  Look for the Chiefs to bounce back against Tampa Bay on Sunday Night Football.


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