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49ers Historic Victory

The San Francisco 49ers are on to their eighth Super Bowl Appearance.  On the way, they achieved the largest comeback in NFC Championship history.  The

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Niners Score 30 Again

Three weeks into the season and the 49ers are 3 and 0.  The 49ers have scored 30 points every week to start this season.  They

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Chiefs Stunned at Arrowhead

Can the Chief’s win back-to-back Superbowls?  Not if they repeat tonight’s abysmal performance.  Several issues are glaring.  First, the pass protection is inconsistent at best. 

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2023 NFL Round One Recap!

  The 2023 NFL Draft is here! Dreams will be realized.  Dreams will be shattered.  Hope springs eternal as teams around the NFL roll the

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Jackson Leads the Way!

The Baltimore Ravens have been sharply criticized for how they use Lamar Jackson. It seems everyone holds their breath every time he runs the ball.

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