Canes Finish Strong

The Miami Hurricanes wrapped up their regular season with a blowout victory over the Duke University Blue Devils. It wasn’t the victory in the North Carolina stadium that we wanted to be playing in next week, but we will take it over another unsightly loss to that basketball school in Durham. Tyler Van Dyke had himself another over 300 yard 3 touchdown pass kind of game (34/59 for 389 yards with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions to be exact). The kid is a baller. There’s no other way to describe him. The best thing that happened to Miami in an otherwise underwhelming season, was the discovery of what looks to be the best young quarterback in the country.

It hurts to know that Van Dyke to Rambo will no longer be a thing after this season, as the two formed an absolutely unstoppable dynamic duo. Rambo was the receiver that the program needed, that we as fans needed, and that Van Dyke needed in the tempest that was the 2021 season. That steadying presence on the outside for a young trigger man to target on play after play is not something that can be overstated. Rambo is a forever Cane not just because of the records that he set or broke in Miami, but because of the way he may have changed this Miami program forever by aiding the development of young TVD. Rambo is now and forever a Cane for the way the young receivers on this Hurricane team like Jacolby George, Key’Shawn Smith, Rashard Smith, Xavier Restrepo, and Romello Brinson got to watch work day in and day out. The mentorship he provided for them on how to run routes, get open, make catches, and make big plays in big pressure big game situations is invaluable and will be paying dividends to this program for games and years to come.

Miami blew out the Blue Devils 47-10 in a game that early on seemed a little closer than we liked but turned out to be the comfortable win that we all expected. If not for a lack kick coverage play that yielded a 94 return for a touchdown, Duke only managed to put up 3 points on this Miami defense. Duke couldn’t run or pass the ball at all on the defensive wall that Manny’s unit built early in the game and that wall held throughout. Miami’s offense created a lot of possessions for the Duke offense since Miami’s offense was scoring so often on quick drives, but those extra possessions ultimately didn’t create more scoring opportunities for Duke because Miami’s defense was absolutely stifling. We have to give credit where credit is due. The defense came to play and did not quit on their coach, even though Manny seems to be in the lame duck portion of his tenure at this point. The game was 10-10 after the first quarter and then Miami scored 37 unanswered points to put Duke out of their misery early. Coach David Cutcliff has achieved a lot in his storied football career, but it might be time for him to hang up the headset and join the analyst booth or just retire to fandom. The Duke program is heading in the wrong direction and played uninspired football this season.

In summary, Miami ended up 7-5, bowl eligible, best power 5 record of the big three teams in Florida (which isn’t saying much), currently 2nd place in the Coastal (pending the outcome of the Virginia vs Virginia Tech game), and discovered a kid on our bench who could end up being the best Hurricane QB to ever do it Miami history. There are some definite positives that we can take away from this season but it was by no means a success. We lost close games to mediocre teams in dramatic fashion that if not for poor coaching decisions could have and should have been victories. We should be playing Wake Forest in Charlotte next week and frankly, I like the chances of this Canes team versus those Demon Deacons. It could have been our first ACC title, as sad as that is to say. However, once again- we came just a bit short as we have under every coach since Cocker. These things have to change. I am looking forward to seeing who out new coach will be. Cristobal or Kiffin, I am fine with either one. Whoever it ends up being I hope they keep the turnover chain tradition and bury those touchdown rings deep below the surface of the Earth, never to be seen again. Go Canes.

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