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Sunday’s game was the clash of the AFC titans.  The Bills had this game circled on their calendar.  They last time they were in Kansas City it was the play offs, and they were sent packing in overtime.  The Bills looked at themselves and decided to make some slight adjustments.  Their biggest adjustment was to sign Vonn Miller.  As a situational player, Miller still can impact the outcome of a game, just like he did on Sunday.  The Bills defense secured three sacks and two interceptions.  Miller secured two of those sacks at critical points in the game.


First Half in Review

It could be said that the loss falls squarely on Patrick Mahomes shoulders.  It doesn’t.  His few bad plays were but one of the factors leading to the loss.  After the Chiefs defense secured a fumble, Mahomes drove the offense the length of the field to the Bills 9-yard line.  It was third down and Mahomes attempted to force the ball to his receiver.  Rookie corner back Kaiir Elam picked the ball off in the endzone.  Had Mahomes simply thrown the ball away, Coach Reid would have had the choice to go for it or kick a field goal.

With 1:29 to go in the first half, the Chiefs were up 7 to 3.   The Bills were on their own 2 yard line.  It was a great position for the Chiefs defense to be in.  They were in prim position to get a safety and secure the ball for the offense.  Pin your ears back and go get the quarter-back!  Yet, the Chiefs squandered the opportunity by allowing several explosive plays.  The first occurred when the Bills were sitting on their 1-yard line.  It was 3rd down with 13 to go and Josh Allen hit Gabe Davis for 18 yards to convert.  The second came just two plays later when Allen hit Stefon Diggs for 30 yards.  The last explosive was a 34 yard touchdown throw to Gabe Davis leaving 22 seconds on the clock.   This drive was perhaps the Chiefs biggest defensive fail of the game.  At any rate the Chiefs made the score an even 10-10 with 1 second left when Harrison Butker kicked a 61-yard field goal.


Second Half Blunders

The Chiefs did not start the second half very well.  Butker missed a 51-yard field goal.   Then the defense allowed the Bills to march down the field and score.  The Chiefs answered to tie the score once more on the next possession.

Going into the fourth quarter the game was tied just like it was in last year’s divisional playoff game.  The defense won their second fourth down conversion attempt by the Bills.  The Bills defense knew they needed to stand tall because the Chiefs were at home and Patrick Mahomes would not be denied.  The Bills rose to the occasion and forced the Chiefs to kick a 44-yard field goal.  Once again, the Chiefs defense forced the Bills to punt.  This was the Bill’s second punt of the game.  Up until this point in the game the Chiefs defense had forced two punts, won two fourth down conversion attempts and allowed only 17 points.

During the Chiefs next possession, the Bills defense stood tall and forced a three and out.  Their high-priced free agent acquisition, Vonn Miller, collected his 2nd sack of the game on 3rd and 6.  With seven minutes left in the game, the Chiefs could not find a way to put the game away.  Mahomes had thrown an early interception costing them points.  Butker missed a kick.  The defense had played as well as you could expect against a Josh Allen led offense for most of the game.  However, it wasn’t enough.  Allen and the Bills got the ball with 5:31 on the clock.  They executed great ball control as they marched down the field.  Allen connected with Dawson Knox for the go-ahead score leaving only 1:09 on the clock.


In Conclusion….

With 56 seconds left we all hoped to see some Mahomes magic to close out the game.  Instead, Taron Johnson magically intercepted the ball on the first play of the Chiefs last drive of the game.

The Chiefs had their chances to win.  Mahomes made mistakes.  The defense allowed the Bills to drive from their 1 yard line to score.  The kicker missed a field goal.  We all knew the Bills were going to get their points, however, could the Chiefs take advantage of opportunities given to them.  On Sunday the answer was no.

This game may have far reaching implications.  If both teams have a tied record, the Bills have the tie breaker and will have home field advantage.  If however, the Chiefs end up with a better record than the Bills, then we will likely welcome them back here to Arrowhead.  For now, the Chiefs must prepare for a beat up pissed off 49ers team.  They travel to Santa Clara next week.

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