Aaron Rodgers the Manipulator


Aaron Rodgers is not being crucified. For a little perspective, here is what crucifixion is. Crucifixion is an extraordinarily gruesome way to die. It was the Roman’s favorite mode of carrying out a death sentence on the condemned. In 4 B.C. the Roman General Varus crucified over 2000 Jews. As we know with Jesus Christ, crucifixion first starts with the scourging of the condemned. Then the Romans moved on to nailing the condemned to a cross. Finally, the cross was hung up where the condemned eventually died of exhaustion and asphyxiation, as the weight of the condemned body pulls down on the arms making it difficult and eventually impossible to breath. Aaron Rodgers states that he feels crucified. Don’t let him manipulate you like he manipulated the NFL and the Green Bay Packers organization.

Rodgers seems to think its ok to write his own book of rules. He seems to think that the NFL’s rules don’t matter. He seems to think that his teammate’s and his organizations lives don’t matter. He marches to the beat of his own drum. The NFL set protocols in place for players and personnel who are vaccinated and those for those who are not. Aaron Rodgers held himself out to be vaccinated. He conducted himself as a vaccinated person, player and representative of the NFL. He did not follow the unvaccinated protocols thereby potentially endangering his teammates and co-workers in the Green Bay Packers organization.

Rodgers seems to think that he has a right to privacy regarding his vaccination status. He doesn’t. The NFL legislated his right to privacy on that issue out. He didn’t follow the rules. He should not be given special dispensation simply because he is Aaron Rodgers who puts fans in the seat. The NFL should fine and suspend him for player misconduct because that is what it is. He showed an immense lack of integrity towards the league and his team. Some would say he even endangered his team with his actions.

Aaron Rodgers has made a habit of creating drama in the media. He is passive aggressive. Yet, he is also immensely calculated in how he speaks, presents himself and conducts himself on the field. He knows what his legacy means. He cares about it. He cares what people think about him. However, his fixation on what other’s think of him is subordinate to his own self interests. His selfishness gets in his own way. His selfishness will cost his team if he is suspended. His selfishness will tarnish his legacy.

Now, Aaron is walking his position back. Now he is saying that he is taking full responsibility. Now he is saying he is an athlete not an activist. He knows punishment is coming. He knows his legacy is on blast. The NFL, the Packers and the fans should not let him off the hook.

Aaron is seeking everyone to feel sorry for him. You shouldn’t. Everyone should instead hold him accountable. The league should hold him accountable. The Packers should hold him accountable. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Aaron will learn any kind of a lesson from this situation, even if he is held accountable. As he said, it’s everyone else’s fault. He takes no ownership. Perhaps that is why the Packers have one Super Bowl in 15 years because their vaunted leader fails to take ownership for his own shortcomings. He is an immense talent. However, talent alone does not win games. Leadership, chemistry, and teamwork does. Perhaps the best thing for the Packers is for Aaron Rodgers to leave the organization.

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