49ers Win the West!


This year’s NFL season has had storm of twists and turns.  The 49ers have been at the center of that storm.  First, Trey Lance was anointed the starter at the beginning of the off-season.  The Niners brass anticipated that Jimmy Garoppolo would be traded early within the off-season, so it was time to move on.  However, Jimmy G thru a monkey wrench in their plans when he opted for off-season shoulder surgery.   As the months wore on, much of the offseason commentary was spent on debating where Jimmy Garoppolo would be traded, or who he would sign with once released.  The rhetoric from commentators heated up when the Niners signed Nate Sudfield guaranteeing him 2 million on his contract.  Not long after the draft occurs, and with the last pick of the draft, the Niners take Brock Purdy, a.k.a Mr. Irrelevant.


Drama in Review

In the middle of the summer, Jimmy G became healthy enough to practice, however the Niners refused to give him a playbook.  So, he practices on another field while the Niners ready themselves for the season with Lance under center.  Then, Jimmy G signs a team friendly deal to stay put and finish his contract, essentially taking a massive pay cut.  Meanwhile, Mr. Irrelevant is patiently biding his time, learning the playbook, practicing with confidence, and earning a roster spot.  The Niners waived Sudfield and kept Purdy as their number three option.  This may have been the most important off season move for the 49ers.

Then, at the beginning of game two, Trey Lance suffers a season ending injury and out trots Jimmy G, who leads the team to victory.  One game before the trade deadline, and the 49ers make a blockbuster trade for Christian McCaffrey.  He has been the one spark the Niners have needed to unbalance every defense they have played since he joined the team.  Meanwhile, Jimmy G had a few lows,  but coming into the Miami game he was riding a four game high and playing his best football in his career.  Unfortunately, early in the Miami game Jimmy G went down to a foot injury.  In trots Brock Purdy.  Three games later and Purdy has led the team to an NFC West Divisional Crown.


The Brock Purdy Experience

It’s not all on Brock Purdy.  In tonight’s post-game interview, Purdy once again credited his team and Coach Shanahan for his success while also giving glory and thanks to God.  He executes the plays that are called.  He adds a few off-schedule plays when needed.  For the most part he avoids the big mistake.  Though, he almost had a massive mistake when he failed to see Quandre Diggs floating over the middle, he didn’t let the play shake his confidence.  Thankfully for the Niners, Diggs dropped the interception.  Still, Purdy didn’t let the mistake get him down.  He just kept executing the plays called and the 49ers eventually walked out of Lumen Field with a victory.


Have a Little Faith!

Brock Purdy has faith.  He has faith in God.  He has faith in Coach Shanahan.  He has faith in his teammates, and he has faith in his defense.  Most importantly, he has faith in himself.  He can have faith in himself because he has prepared himself.  He chose Iowa State over Alabama so he could have an opportunity to make a difference while readying himself for the NFL.  He started 48 games for Iowa State.  He set 32 school records.  Then, once he joined the 49ers, he studied the playbook.  On the plane his nose is always in the IPAD studying opposing defenses.  He prepared.  He can have faith in himself because he prepares.  His preparation gives him confidence.  His confidence bleeds on to his teammates who want to go out there and do everything they can to make a play because this young rookie is doing his level best to lead and execute the plays Coach Shanahan calls.

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) catches a pass and runs for a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks in an NFL football game, Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022, in Seattle Wash. 49ers won 21-13. (AP Photo/Jeff Lewis)

Offense Shows Out

Aided by their stout run game, the 49ers offense put up 381 total yards on Thursday Night Football.  Purdy threw for an efficient 17 of 26, 217 yards, and two touchdowns.  Purdy’s best throw of the night came during the second play of the third quarter.  Purdy takes the snap, surveys the field and finds George Kittle wide up down the left sideline.  Kittle was his fifth option on the play.  Purdy hits him in stride and Kittle deftly jukes and swats defenders aside as he runs it in for a 54-yard touchdown.  Purdy’s earlier touchdown throw to Kittle was a thing of beauty as he fakes two screen throws and hits a wide-open Kittle running up the seam who finishes the play with his first touchdown of the game.  At one point in the game, Purdy was 11 for 11.  No other rookie quarterback in the league has started that well this season.

Once again, Christian McCaffrey has been the lynch pin to the Niners offensive success.  He gutted out 108 yards and a touchdown on 26 carries while collecting six receptions for 30 yards.  The offense converted six of thirteen third down attempts and six different receivers caught Purdy’s passes.


Defensive Dominance

The Niner defense played to their usual standard, sacking Geno Smith three times and forcing a timeline turnover that the 49ers turned into points later.  Nick Bosa collected his 15.5th sack of the season.  He probably should have had three more.  Late in the second quarter, Geno Smith passed the ball to Travis Homer, who was taken down by Jimmie Ward.  As Ward, is tackling Homer to the ground, Dre Greenlaw comes screaming in like a missile and hit Homer so hard that he jarred the ball loose and Charvarius Ward picked up the fumble and ran it back 40 yards to put the Niners in position to score right before half time.

Ward’s play cannot be overstated enough. He was tasked to follow D.K. Metcalf wherever he lined up except the slot. C. Ward only allowed one pass for 15 yards on him.  Metcalf’s remaining catches occurred from the slot when he was matched up by linebackers.  Ward was physical and didn’t back down.  Finally, the Niners defensive line lived in the back field making life hell on Geno Smith.  He underthrew several passes.  He threw an interception that was called back.  He even committed intentional grounding.  The Niners defensive line overwhelmed and dominated the Seahawks line.  Geno Smith didn’t have a chance.


The Future is Bright!

The Niners have guaranteed themselves a spot in the dance.  Now they will concentrate on getting healthy and readying themselves to make a run in the playoffs.  The last two division championships eventually netted the 49ers a berth in the Super Bowl.  This year’s squad might be the best of the three, even with Brock Purdy as quarter back.

Commentators are already starting to draw comparisons of Brock Purdy versus Tom Brady.  Both were late round draft picks.  Both were seemingly overlooked.  Both took over for the incumbent starter and have led their teams to the playoffs.  Will Purdy finish the job with a Super Bowl win like Brady?  We shall see.  Whatever happens, we all look forward to the show!








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