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Matriculating in Miami

Matriculating in Miami

When the Big 10 raided the Pac-12 for UCLA and USC, I was one of those people who was staunchly against the Miami Hurricanes leaving the ACC for greener pastures and joining a super conference. Some of Miami’s best years as an athletic force in football came when we were independent or in an itty-bitty conference like the Big East. There is some nostalgia in being the bosses of our own domain. I remember those days quite fondly. I tend to prefer to go against the grain and not want to conform to what everyone else is doing. Historically, the University of Miami Hurricanes have been in the business of setting trends, not following them. For all my anglers and fishers out there, I love to be the big fish in my own pond. We as the Canes family thrived in that harsh environment no matter how lonely it seemed. Even though Miami wears the black eye of never having won the ACC Football championship since joining it, the U’s brand carries some serious weight in the ACC. Plus, our basketball playing brothers have had our backs from an ACC title winning perspective.

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